……SWITCH.  The erotic discoveries given to Elizabeth by Marco were breath taking, the total abandon took her to a place of ecstatic oblivion we all want.  The emotional trials that had us turning the pages trying to find out what happens made us fall in love more.

Find it at your favorite bookstore >> books2read.com/u/mdKvpd

Here is a taste of the erotic journey:

“The Elevator”

When we get to his building and in the privacy of the open elevator he stands against the farther wall, crossing his legs at the ankles with his fingers steepled in front of his face.  Marco’s look is piercing and hungry.

“Take your dress off, Elizabeth.”

He did not just ask me to strip in public!

He waits.  Patiently.  Waiting.

I slowly raise my hands up to reach behind me and undo my zipper.  The sound is so loud filling the space.  I imagine it floating out between the bars of the door mixing with the squeaks of the cogs and pulleys of the lift.

I pull the dress over my head and the cool air brushes my hot skin causing goose bumps to rise over my flesh.  I’m not sure if it’s from the air or my desire.

“Give it to me,” he says, his voice rough, holding out his hand.

“Now the bra.”

His eyes have become darker and intense.  His body is more erect and demanding.  I cannot refuse.

Reaching behind me, I unclasp the strip of fabric and slide the material down my arms.  My breasts fall, heavy with need, the chain from the clamps falling lightly, tugging on my nipples.  I pull my lip between my teeth, responding to the stimulation.

Marco’s hand is out, waiting for the bra.  I place it in his hand as the elevator comes to a stop.

“Take off your panties, Elizabeth.”

It’s not a request.  It’s a demand.  My eye are wide, my lips are parted, and my breathing is heavy.  It’s the only noise filling my ears along with the pounding of my heart.  I tuck my thumbs into the elastic of my powder pink panties with the little black bows and slowly slide them down my legs.  I’m an emotional mess, I don’t trust myself not to fall if I don’t hold onto the wall stepping out of them.  I stand and place them with the rest of my clothes in his outstretched hand.  I’m standing in an elevator dressed in only my heels and nipple clamps.

Marco is perfectly still except for the flexing of the muscle on his jaw.

“You are the most sensuous woman I have ever seen, Elizabeth.  You are beautiful.”

I have no reply.  My arousal has escalated and I am consciously keeping myself from squirming from the pulsing between my legs.

Marco comes to stand in front of me, close enough to lightly touch the pink pebbles of flesh poking out of the clamps, then he strokes my lips causing my lashes to flutter with exquisiteness of that light touch.

“When we get inside, Elizabeth,” his voice is a gravelly whisper, “I’m going to tie you to my bed and blindfold you.  Then I will take you on a journey of complete erotic pleasure.”

Oh!  My!  God!

“The Flogger”

I focus in on the sounds of the tempo of the music, the different notes as if played on my bare flesh and it pulses inside of me, fast, slow, high, low and I’m riding it, soaring with it as Marco begins this newest experience of extreme pleasure.  Take me, baby, I want to soar.

There is something gliding softly across my skin over my breasts and stomach, down my legs and over my sex making me clench and I hug the balls inside of me, oh, yes.  Again.  It begins to stroke me faster, up and down my body, then up, flicking my nipples, and then, FLICK on my sex nipping my clit.  The jolts spasm through my body as everything tenses and I grab onto the balls tightly inside my *****.  Ooooh, yes, I feel my orgasm building.  There’s a long moan.  I realize it’s coming from me.

‘Please, Marco, more,’ the words are chanting in my mind.

The licks across my skin are getting sharper, nipping, stroking, biting, all up and down me, on my breasts, then it bites my clit.


Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  My mind is screaming.  I’m so close.

Then nothing.  No movement, no sound, nothing except for the music and my heavy breathing.

“Please, Marco,” there is so much need in my voice.

“Are you ready to cum, baby?”  His voice is very raw and deep, not like I’ve ever heard him sound like before.

“Yes, please, now…”  My hands are grasping onto the straps, I’m trying to hold on, to what I’m not sure of.

Find it at your favorite bookstore >> books2read.com/u/mdKvpd

“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement!”

“WARNING !! This book is SERIOUSLY HOT ! One of the best erotic series I have ever read. You must read Stranger prior to reading Switch. Marco and Elizabeth are back in Switch and things just got a whole lot hotter.”

2 thoughts on “SWITCH

  1. Hi I was just wondering if Switch will be available on paper back book? I keep checking amazon and Barnes and noble and all it says is that it’s out of print.. Please tell me I can order it with you lol…


    • Happy Valentines Day Erica,
      I might have some first edition paperbacks available. I will let you know. Unfortunately, the only ones that would be available are those…from me as it has been re-released through Ellora’s Cave Publishing under the title Made To SWITCH and they do not have it available in paperback. I will get back to you tomorrow.
      ~ N


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