stocking teaserWhat began as one night of total erotic abandon turned into one of the most passionate love stories you’ve ever known……

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*****Voted #1 FICTIONAL BOYFRIEND*****

“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement!”

STRANGER, the one that started it all, Book 1
** Please be advised the following is intended for mature audiences 18 and older, may be offensive**

“Elizabeth, first I’m going to make you cum with my fingers, feeling that beautiful pussy of yours grasping hard, trying to pull me all the way inside of you,” he murmurs between nips and licks on my neck and jaw. “Then I’m going to lay this beautiful body down on that table and I’m going to feast on you until every drop of those sweet juices are mine. When I think you’re finally ready, I’m going to take you to bed and slide my aching cock inside those velvet lips and fuck you.”

This is the one that started it all.  We all fell in love with Marco in STRANGER, thought about him wishing he were ours.

Here’s a little excerpt from STRANGER:

“The Restaurant”

Marco leans forward crossing his other arm in front of him so his hand is dangling off the table in front of my chest turning his face to me.

“May I order for both of us tonight, Elizabeth. I believe I know what you like.” His fingertips on my inner thigh butterfly over my sex.

My breath catches in my throat and my hips squirm under the table as I cross my legs. “Yes, please do.” All of my focus has just pinpointed to that spot between my legs as desire threatens to consume me. Just that slight touch has me spinning.

“The lady will have, (in my head he says, ‘my cock in that wet hot pussy’ and I reply, ‘Yes, please, all of it’), the Chicken Orecchiette and I will have the Seared Maine Scallops. Some wine, Elizabeth?” His hand squeezes my thigh.

“Yes…” He smirks at me.

“And a bottle of the Vigne Del Borgo. Thank you.”

“Thank you, sir. I will bring your wine.” The boy is flustered. I’m sure he can sense the sexual tension searing between Marco and I.

Marco hands him the menus with his one hand, the other never leaving my leg. He brings it to hang in front of me again with his face close to my ear. His fingertip brushes against my nipple and I move into it.

“Open your legs for me, Elizabeth. Tonight is for experiencing.”

***Voted #1 Fictional Boyfriend***

This is what the readers have said:

“I believe it to be better than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in the way the book has been written!” Alexia

“Warning! This book is SERIOUSLY HOT! One of the best erotic series I have ever read.” Radical Reads Book Blog

“You feel like you are in the middle of the story. I can visualize every detail she described as though I felt it myself. Yes, it was THAT good!” Holly

“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! Marco made me pant, clench, flush, and swoon so many times it was crazy. N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement! I definitely can’t wait for the next book!”  Lynette

“It’s like I’m right there and it’s happening to me”
“This book is hot, it will leave you gasping for air and your panties wet.”
“Left me hot and wanting more!”
“OMG this is a fantastic read!!!!!!!! It’s definitely on my top 10 list for 2014.”

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