…no more hiding, kitten, I’m here…
HIDING is LIVE, he’s here
“Brilliant, spellbinding, magically dark but totally in love with this book.
This book took me on a Rollercoaster ride I never wanted to get off of. Speechless, breathless, and totally in love with Rico and Maria’s story. This book cut my heart open, gutted me, and left me breathless but wanting more. Romantically dark is the best way to describe this book. If you love dark erotic romance this book is for you.” Nicole Townsend Brown
“Speechless, that is what I am. Words, I have no words! Just that funny feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are trying to digest what you just finished reading. I didn’t want it to end!!! The only way I can explain it is, freaking amazing, panty dropping, hot! Love your books.” JoAnne Lynch Martinez
” I just finished Hiding. My feelings are all over the place. I felt the same way I did when I finished Black Ink, I didn’t want it to end. Rico was everything I hoped he would be and more. He was sweet, loving, fierce and damn hot. Maria was perfect for him, both broken and desperately needing love to help them heal.” Wendy Black Bolin
“That moment when you finish one of Nadine’s books and you are speechless. You have no words. You try to put your feelings into words, only to find they are lost. When I tell you that I can’t wait to put this up on my blog! So many emotions and not enough words to describe it! Hiding is going to take you on a journey that will leave you questioning whether or not you can take anymore…Saying I loved it, isn’t enough” Arthetta Rogers
Step into the secrets, delve into a world that will leave you begging for more….
HIDING is live, find it here >>
Your Favorite Store: books2read.com/u/bP1nqR

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