BLACK INK is FREE For A Limited Time!

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BLACK INK is FREE for a limited time!
Begin one of the hottest series you’ve ever read for free!

Do you like it a bit dark? Crave it a bit twisted? Does the taboo tantalize you?

What readers are saying:
“Dark, erotic, heart wrenching, gut smashingly wonderful!” Nicole, Amazon
“5 Stars, Whatever the cost……. Pay it!!!!” Tux, Amazon
“Holy mother of the book gods, this book blew me away. Black Ink seeped into my very soul revealing my own darkest fantasies brought to life. It licked the fires of the darkness within me and smirked at me saying, “I know all about your dirty thoughts and deepest desires.” I loved every pleasurably tortuous moment of this book. It is twisted and gut wrenching. Ohhhh the mind games that will break down your defenses and leave you exposed, stripped bare. That is what Black Ink is. If you can handle all that then this book is for you.” Nina, Amazon

**18+ adult audience. Strong adult content, possible triggers.**

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Alexander Black
Ruthless. Powerful. Dangerous. Intoxicating. Twisted. A prick.
There is nothing or no one beyond his reach anywhere in the world.
He uses any means to get what he wants.

He wants Gemma Trudeau. For two reasons, first, to find out if she helped her husband steal three million dollars from him. The second, he wants to do very bad, very twisted things to her.

He always gets what he wants.

Gemma Trudeau
Her life was destroyed. She’s alone, homeless with no money.
A brilliant successful lawyer, she must now beg to work for the one man who suffered as much as she did from her husband’s illegal schemes, the only one who can help her get her life back. What she didn’t know was he would rock her world.

Alexander Black has Gemma right where he wants her. The heat between them rages, leaving them in an constant aching burn.

A stranger breaks into her house and she’s terrorized. He has one purpose, to take her, bind her, force her into a night of raging passion, leaving her stunned, confused, and very, very satisfied. He promises he’ll be back. She can’t wait.

The Capo di Tutti Capi has offered her protection. But at what price?

Someone is stalking her. The mob who wants to own her? The faceless man who seduces her in the dark blindfolded? Or the one man who should hate her, Alexander Black?

Who can Gemma trust?

First book in the BLACK INK Series. A bit dark, a bit edgy, and a whole lot of heat. It does have a bit of a cliffhanger.
**18+ adult audience, very strong sexual content.**
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