Everyone, say hello to Bull, Bull this is everyone ❤
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VENGEANCE, The explosive conclusion to The Program Series, Book 4, releasing 6/5
There are very few defining moments in a man’s life. Some mark their destruction; others their moments of glory.
Every single moment in our lives has led us to right now.
A war has begun.
We lost one battle.
That’s not going to happen again.
We’ve waited, we’ve investigated, we’ve planned, and now we’re going to get our revenge.
War is not always loud and explosive. Sometimes it’s silent and deadly.
It’s patient and dangerous and mad as hell.
She’s the only thing that matters, and they’ve threatened her. She can’t be mine, but that doesn’t mean I won’t destroy them. For her.
Vengeance is coming. His name is Bull.

He’s mean and rude and the biggest man I’ve ever seen.
He is my protector.
He comes every night, I don’t know why, but to me, it doesn’t matter. He sits out in the dark like some fallen angel. Four of them showed up out of nowhere, but he’s mine. I like to think so anyway, but he doesn’t even see me.
They all think I’m pure and reserved. I’ve got a surprise for Bull because I refuse to be ignored. Not anymore.
Something is happening, they won’t tell me what it is, but I’m sure it’s bad. They have secrets, but so do I.
Get ready, Bull, I’m coming for you. You want a war? You’ve got one, and I don’t fight fair.
**Intended for adult audiences, 18+, strong language, strong sexual content, MFM, a bit dark.**
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VENGEANCE, pre-order available soon.

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Here’s a Teaser From VENGEANCE

As soon as I swing open the door, I freeze.
“It’s about time you came in.” Gwen’s got a shoulder propped against the wall right outside the bathroom door. That’s not what immobilizes me. It’s what she’s wearing. I can see the outline of her hardened nipples through the thin fabric, every curve of her body, and the lush plumpness of her sweet mound. I instantly start to get hard.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I growl.
She’s not looking at my eyes when she responds, “Waiting for you.” Her words are breathy as her gaze travels down my still wet body. I can feel it as if it were her tiny hands.
That stirs something primitive inside me.
She pushes off the wall and straightens. I take a step, closing the distance between us. “Why?” The single word is a gravelly whisper.
Her eyes meet mine and her lips are parted. “To talk.” My eyes are fixed on her mouth, that mouth I can still feel wrapped around my dick. Her tongue slips out and pulls her lower lip between her teeth.
My body moves closer until we’re almost touching. “Go. To. Bed,” I whisper hoarsely.
I’m almost ready to snap, my resolve to stay away from her was smashed the second I opened the door and saw her standing there. I know if I touch her tonight, I’m going to take all of her. She lifts a hand and slowly wipes the water droplets from my shoulder, her touch like a searing brand across my skin. My body tenses and my cock pulses.
“You came inside to take a shower,” she whispers as her hand trails down my damp arm.
This close. I’m this damn close to throwing her over my shoulder and fucking that look from her face.
“I’m the kind of dirty you can’t wash off, darlin’,” I sneer at her, every goddamn filthy, perverted thing I want to do to her leering at her from my face.
She lifts her head and her eyes lock with mine, her pupils are dilated with need. All the blood grows hot in my veins and shoots straight to my crotch. We’re so close, all I have to do is lower my face a couple of inches and my mouth would lock with hers. If I took a deep breath, my chest would graze her pebbled nipples. If I stood straight, my hard-on would press into her stomach.
She’s killing me!
I’m using every ounce of strength I possess to fight my need for her. I don’t just want to fuck her, but I do, because I want to fuck her hard and deep, then I want to fuck her a hundred more times. It’s more than that. I want her. I want her smiles, her laughter, her sorrow, her pain in the ass demanding attitude. I want to own her. I want her to belong to me.
Her hand slides from my arm and across my chest until she lays her palm on my pec, the heat from her touch burning into me. Her eyes search mine and I’m sure she can see the battle waging within me.
“I want to get dirty, Bull,” she whispers. “With you.”
Goddamn, fuck!
Did you hear that? That was my fucking resolve.
A rumble starts low, then travels up my chest, it’s the sound of the avalanche that’s just beginning.
“Oh, little darlin’,” I shake my head at her as my body presses against her tiny frame. “I’m going to dirty you up ten ways til Sunday,” it’s both a promise and a threat. My mouth crashes onto hers as I close my arms around her, dropping my towel. That rose scent that seems to be a permanent part of her mixes with her taste, and together they are my destruction. I kiss her like I need her to live. Because, goddamn it, maybe I do. It’s hungry and ravenous, there’s nothing gentle about it because I’m starved for her. I want to be everywhere inside of her, I need every part of her. As I take and possess her with my mouth, my body demands more.
Breaking the kiss, I look into her face, her eyes are glazed and her cheeks have that flush to them. She’s almost as lost to whatever the hell is between us as I am. Almost. I let go of the towel slung low on my hips, grip her by the waist, and fling her over my shoulder.
“What are you doing?” she squeals as her hands land on my back.
Walking toward her bedroom, her hair swooshing across my skin with every step, I answer simply, “Gwendolyn,” my voice is rough, “I’m going to fuck you so goddamn good, you’ll be screaming, ‘Amen and halleluiah’.”

CANVAS Book 1 right here >>
TRIFECTA Book 1.5, Only .99!! Right here >>
BREATHE Book 2 right here >>
TORTURED Book 3 right here >>
VENGEANCE, pre-order available soon.


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