FREE eBook! THE BEGINNING, The Program Series


Well, the explosive culmination to The Program Series will be released very soon.

I’ve just released THE BEGINNING, A Prequel to how it all started for Bull, Rock, Snake and Gringo.  The best part about it is you can get it FREE!!

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THE BEGINNING, A Prequel, The Program Series
I held mine up, “Here’s to meeting you tonight, beautiful.”
She giggled again as she touched her drink to mine. “Here, here,” the boys chimed and joined in.
I held the drink to my lips and drank slowly, my eyes fixed on her, hers on me, as Rock, Snake, and Gringo watched us, each of them leaning against the wall. There was no place to sit except the couch and the bed. I think they didn’t want to scare her so they opted to stand rather than getting comfortable on the bed.
We might be fucked up, but we’ve got manners.
She touched a finger to the corner of my mouth. “It’s a little beer.”
I grabbed her wrist and sucked the fingertip between my lips. “You taste even better,” I murmured as I swirled my tongue around her digit. She stared at my mouth, then stroked my lip with her finger. I set my beverage down, “Come here darlin’,” I tugged her onto my lap. “You are just too good to be true.” I wrapped my arms around her. “And Lord have mercy, you are delicious.” I licked along her neck before I closed my lips on her flesh and sucked. She panted and tilted her head to the side. “You are beautiful,” I whispered against her skin. She was, she was an angel and she was saving our souls tonight. I slipped the hand I had snaked around her back to her front underneath her shirt, pushed her bra up over her breasts and teased them. With the other, I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her. It was hungry.
I could feel the boy’s eyes on us, they burned us with their intensity. They didn’t make any noise, but I knew they were there. I also knew they were feeling what I was feeling.
With my hands on her luscious breasts and my mouth feasting on hers, I shifted her so she was facing forward. Facing my brothers. I opened her legs and she wrapped her feet around my calves again, just like before. This time there was no barrier between us and them. I slid a hand between her thighs and grazed my thumb over her heat. She ripped her mouth from mine and let out a moan.
Gringo was right there. He clutched her chin, covered her mouth with his and swallowed her sounds.

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The Beginning she was surrounded

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