Tortured with pleasure

TORTURED, Book 3 in the Program series is LIVE!

Thank you for taking this journey of creation with me, your baby is born! Enjoy it,
From me to you with love xoxo
~ N.M.
“You feel the emotion, pain and anguish that goes on. Definitely a 5 star read!” Amazon Reviewer
“This book took me from 0 to 1000 in about ten seconds. Everything about it was beautiful, torture, crazy and wonderful!” Amazon Reviewer
“Beautiful, brilliant, an absolute masterpiece of writing. I cannot wait for more of the program series. This book tortured my soul and kept me wanting more!” Nicole, Amazon Reviewer
“This overarching story has been building from Page 1 of Canvas. The tension is building and the pieces are starting to fit into place. The writing … N.M Catalano you are amazing!” Cat, Amazon Reviewer
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TORTURED, Book 3 in The Program series
“Torture With Pleasure” Teaser
“Tonight, my pet, I’m going to tie you. It’s going to be tight, and you won’t be able to move. I’m going to torture you with pleasure. When you give up what I want, I’ll reward you.” Another shudder ripples through her body. “Do you understand?” She nods her head yes, but doesn’t answer. “Good.” I drag my hands over her body and cup her breasts, squeezing their delicious plumpness in my palms. “Lift your arms.” She does, and I pull her silk gold ribbed sweater over her head. “When I’m done with you, your body will be covered with the rope marks.” She sighs that fucking sigh that gets me harder. Undoing her bra, her breasts fall free. “What do you think when you look at my marks?” I whisper with my mouth at her ear. Her breathing is heavy now. I fucking love it.
She closes her eyes tightly. “I think, ‘yours’.”
That shit right there goes straight to my cock.
“Take off your shoes, Sasha,” I tell her as I unzip her skirt, slide it down until my thumbs slip into the elastic of her panties, and pull them both down her legs. With her now naked, I bend and pick up all of her things and bring them to one of the chairs under the window. The other, I carry to the foot of the bed. Next, I go to the walk-in closet, strip off my shirt, shoes, and socks, and leave them on the floor. In a box on the top shelf is where I keep the toys I bought for her. I take out the butt plug. Next to it is a bag of rope. I remove the five lengths I need. Back in the bedroom, I get the lube from the nightstand.
**Intended for adult audiences, 18+, strong language, strong sexual content, MFM, BDSM, cliffhanger.**
CANVAS Book 1 is right here >>
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TORTURED Book 3 right here >>
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Join us today beginning at 12 until 11 for the


Look at this phenomenal lineup of authors participating!

Noon Pam Godwin
12:30 Celia Aaron
1:00 Michelle B
2:00 Trisha Wolfe
2:30 Echo Hart
3:00 Kris Michaels
3:30 Keri Lake
3:45 Gemma James
4:00 Vanessa Fewings
4:30 Leigh Lennon
5:00 Marley Valentine
5:30 Michelle Brown
6:00 Yolanda Olson
6:30 Jennifer Bene
7:00 Cora Kenborn
8:00 Angel Payne
9:00 NM Catalano
10:00 Jacob Chance
10:30 Laura Martinez
11:00 Vivian Ward

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