This Is What’s Coming Up This Week …and a peek inside TORTURED

Book Of The Month

Every month at Bad Boy Book Babes we do a Book Of The Month, it’s like a book club. A genre is picked, (suspense, MC, paranormal, etc) then we vote on 3 books from our member authors. The winner is the Book Of The Month. This month is Animus by Ophelia Bell, and it’s currently free! Some of the group members have raved about this series. You can find it right here.

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Tease Me Tuesday

Tease Me Tuesday is coming!
Lexi Foss is our guest author and she’ll be taking over Bad Boy Book Babes Tuesday, tonight, at 8 p.m. EST. Right after her takeover I’ll be going live. I’ll be reading an excerpt from one of her books.
This week I think I’ll surprise everyone and read an excerpt from my upcoming TORTURED, Book 3 in The Program Series. Are you ready for more of those deliciously bad men? I know I am.  Join Bad Boy Book Babes right here. 
lexi foss

Exclusive Excerpt from the upcoming TORTURED, Book 3 in

The Program Series

She clamps her mouth shut as her chest rises and falls in anticipation. She lets her jacket drop to the floor as she unzips her skirt and lets it pool at her feet, then she looks at me questioningly. I grip her bra on either side where it meets in the middle and tear it open, then yank her panties down her legs. She’s stunned. I want everything off of her, everything that made her what she was today, every reminder of what I saw in her face looking back at me. I don’t want any of that hurt and pain touching her. Placing a hand between her tits, I shove her back gently. Bull catches her as she lands in a heap on his lap. I crouch at her feet and pull her shoes off and throw them behind me, then tug her stockings down her legs. Gathering all of her clothes, I walk to the trash and deposit them.
“What are you doing?” she asks breathlessly.
“Today is gone.”
She blinks at me, surprised and unsure. Then her face softens as a tear slips down her cheek.
“Thank you,” she whispers.
“Take out Bull’s cock, Sasha.”
She stares at me as the command registers, trying to catch up with me. Then she settles herself in front of him on her knees between his massive thighs and opens his pants. He lifts his hips to let her pull them down his legs.
“Everything. Take everything off him. We’re going to be a while.” She looks at me over her bare shoulder. “That’s right, doll. We’re going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”
Her nipples tighten as she sucks in a breath.
I’m going to take her pain away. If the only way I can do that is by fucking it out of her, then I’ll fuck her until it’s gone.
When they’re both naked, I wrap my hand around the back of her neck and turn her face toward me. “Stand up and lean over the table. We’re going to play with that sweet pussy of yours.”
She palms my already hard dick through my suit pants. “What about you?”
I loosen my tie with my free hand. I grin down at her. “You want to take my cock out too?”
She glides her hand up and down my length with one hand, her other is around Bull’s. “Yes, Gabriel.”
My heart stops.
My name.
My fucking name.
Tightening my grip on her neck, my mouth devours hers in a kiss. It’s savage and unrelenting. I want to punish her with it. With our mouths locked on each other, I guide her up, then push her down to the table. With my hand still holding her firmly, I lower my face to her shoulder and bite her, slowly closing my teeth into her flesh.
“Yes…” She moans and squirms.
She likes it. She loves the marks I leave on her, the welts, the bites, the scratches. She begs me for them. I have to stop myself, because if I don’t, I’ll draw blood.
Bringing my face to her ear, my hand still holding her down, I glide the other down the crease of her ass and over her slit.   It’s slick and moist, her desire already seeping from her.  “We’re not fucking you,” I thrust a finger into her wetness, “not yet.”
“Gringo,” she breathes my name as her walls grip my finger.
Bull stands behind her, his erection jutting out in front of him. “I’m gonna feast on her sweetness for a bit, Gringo. It’s too damn pretty and just begging to be licked.” He lowers himself with his face right at Sasha’s plump round ass. He pushes her legs open, grips both of her inner thighs, his big hands wrapping almost all the way around them, and holds her wide open. “I wish my cock could fill this sweet pussy while I ate it. That would be heaven.” Then he buries his face between her thighs. The sounds of his sucking and slurping fill the room.
“Please,” she moans.
“Questions, Sasha,” I remind her quietly.
Her eyes open as she stares at me pleadingly. “What do you want to know?”
With one hand still on her neck, I begin playing with her tight rear hole with the other.
“Oh God,” her eyelids dip.
“Look at me.”
Her eyes widen, their gaze fixed on me. I make circles around the puckered ring of muscles, then press into its tightness. She can’t move under my hold but her breathing comes faster.
“Who was the man talking to you?” I whisper as I thrust my finger in and out of her.
I can hear Bull sucking. He’s probably got her lips and clit sucked deep in his mouth.
CANVAS, Book 1 right here >> CANVAS
TRIFECTA, Book 1.5 Only .99!! right here >> TRIFECTA
BREATHE, Book 2 right here >> BREATHE

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