Are You Ready To Get Filthy? Again? BREATHE Is Live!



breathe devil in fishnets

Breathe Is Live!

Snake is back, and so are the boys of The Program.

But there’s a TON to tell you! First…

BREATHE, Book 2 of The Program Series


Hell is ruled by a queen.

She wears stilettos like a boss, fishnets like a porn star, and carries weapons like makeup. She crashed into my life at the absolute worst time, because life’s a bitch like that. But there’s no way I’m letting her leave…. She’s bat-shit crazy, and she’s mine. Correction, she’s ours. Because I’m not sure how long I can give her. But she belongs to us now.

The bad guys are coming, not only for all of us, but for her too. Her situation I can deal with, it’s our mess that’s the problem. I just have to keep her out of trouble long enough to fix it.

How do you tame the Queen Of Hell? You save her. That’s what I’m doing.


I have rules. 1. Don’t get attached. 2. Wear the right heels. 3. Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

That all went to hell when my life collided with the men of The Program. It seems if one isn’t threatening me, the other wants to save me.

Everything was fine. Until it wasn’t. I used to have control. When Snake got a hold of me, it seemed control took a permanent vacation with no forwarding number. That’s just fine. He’s handed me carte blanche to use him. I’ll use him alright, I’ll let him think he’s the knight in shining armor riding in to save me.

Beware Snake Priest, the Queen Of Hell will always burn the Priest.

**For mature audiences only. It is a bit dark and slightly twisted, a heart pounding rollercoaster ride right from the start. MFM. MMF, MMFFMM** Find it right here.


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Here’s A Little Teaser ❤

“Dirty Filthy” Teaser because I don’t know what else to call it LOL! A soft feminine moan mingles with our grunts. Summer. We must hear her at the same time. Rock and I separate as we silently communicate. I crawl off Rock and move toward the bed, but stop. I gaze back at him over my shoulder. His eyes are on my ass before o…ur eyes meet. I turn back to him, grab him by the back of the neck and shove my tongue down his throat, right where my cock had been, I can still taste myself there. Turning back to the woman on the bed, her eyes big and round, her nipples tight little peaks, her face flushed with her need, she’s still and stunned. “Get over here,” I grit out as I grab her ankles and pull her down to the edge of the bed. Rock’s at the nightstand getting the lube. Summer’s ass is hanging off the bed. Perfect. I spread her legs wide. “I’m going to fuck you. Very. Fucking. Hard.” Her eyes never leave mine as she licks her lips. “And Rock’s going to fuck you.” Her voice is barely a whisper. “Yes.” She knows, it shows in her eyes. She knows, she doesn’t know what, but she knows this is different, this is claiming, this is owning, this is marking forever right now. Because right now might be all there is. As Summer feeds her arms around my neck, the tip of my dick at her entrance, Rock is at my rear spreading my cheeks, she kisses me. It’s long, it’s sweet, it says I love you. I choke back a fucking sob. Now’s not the time and this is not the place.

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BREATHE gloss and bloom ecover

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    • Thank you so much! BLACK INK Part III has just been put on KU, I’m working on Part II. Keep an eye out, it should be there shortly.
      Please do take a moment to leave reviews. I’m an indie author, and indie authors cannot survive without them.
      Happy Thanksgiving!


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