Free Short Story, THE STORM, And Other Dirty Tidbits From BREATHE

breathe tie me teaser

It feels like it’s been forever since you’ve heard from me this way, and for that I am sorry.  I think the last time was just before I went for the Dark & Seductive Gala Book signing in Charlotte, of which I had a fabulous time.  And for those of you who were polite enough to listen to me drone on about my miserable hangover, I’m sorry and thank you so much.  Lol.

Since then I released the second book, well actually book 1.5, in The Program series, a novella TRIFECTA, only .99, (if you like filthy 3somes, this little book is for you… ).  You can find it here .  Book 1 is CANVAS and you can find that here…..smh, it’s filthy, filthy, FILTHY!!  But oh so sweet.  I’ve started this new thing posting chapter first pages for book 2  BREATHE in this series in my fan group, (what?  You’re not a member?  No problem, go here and join) and things are getting hairy Harry!  LOL.
Here’s a little snippet:
SNAKE from the upcoming BREATHE
I straighten and give her a wink before I head to the bar to get our drinks. Seltzer for me, because technically I’m working, Jim Beam double for my wretched bird. With the drinks in hand, I have to remind myself I need to stay in control. All this shit going on, the contract on us, the threat to Summer, fucking Hawk, and now this wild card thrown in my lap, all of it could blow up in my face at any moment. Honestly, I’m half expecting it to. Looking at Raven as I approach our table, she is torture and sin in fishnets and stilettos, all I want to do is take her back to our room so all of us can devour her together. I want to watch as Rock fucks her deviant pussy while Summer sucks on that sensitive fucking clit of hers. I want to punish her for every lie she’s going to tell me, because I know that’s all she’s capable of, and every single one she’s already uttered. I want to look into her eyes as she screams for forgiveness, and I want to choke her with my cock until she begs me for redemption.
The twisted part of me wants to keep her as prisoner, until she turns into my slave.
I’m such a sick fuck.
Mostly what this angel demon needs is someone she can trust. I don’t know the shit that created this perfect creation of beauty and rage, but it was enough to blacken her soul.
I set the drinks on the table and take a seat across from her so I can watch her, and she has to see me. Right in her face.
That’s it, that’s all I can give you….

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