I Know You Want It

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savage lust teaser

Let me give it to you, you’ll be so happy you did…

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“She Wants An Animal?” Teaser
She wants an animal? I’ll fuck her like one.
Brian takes both of her hands into one of his big ones and holds them over her head. Lowering his face, he tantalizes those fantastic tits of hers, hungrily and deliciously, rubbing his face in them, making the nipples harden to the point of breaking. He’s thrusting, grinding, pounding in and out of her, losing himself in the extreme pleasure of it. When he feels her squeezing him inside, he pulls out, flips her over and pulls her ass in the air, then slams into her again.
“Put your arms behind your back, Pet.” He tells her roughly.
She complies as her walls clamp down on him and her eyes flutter closed.
Yes, my sexy lioness, give yourself to me.
As he clasps her wrists behind her back, Brian gazes down at the pretty pink pussy and tight little hole in front of him. He can’t resist touching her. He begins to play with her while sliding in and out of her silky folds, plucking on her clit, and making teasing circles around her tight, back hole. He pulls back, then slides the head of his cock into her wetness again, and he can hear her moan in pleasure
Take me, control me, own me…
She’s spiraling in the sweet intoxication.
She grabs him tightly inside her and thrusts back on him. Holding her hip with his free hand, his thrusts become furious as he gets lost in her, branding her every time his hips slam into her ass, B-R-I-A-N. He wants to fuck her hard and wild and leave his marks all over her. As his balls tighten, he knows he can’t hold back much longer. He leans over Brooke’s back and begins to circle her swollen clit with his finger. Her movements become harder, hungrier, and more demanding.
Oh dear God, yes! Fuck me Brian. Use me, take everything…
She’s almost there as well.
He takes that electric little powerhouse button between his fingers and pinches it tightly.
Brooke slams into Brian, grinding her ass against him.
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Brian animal

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