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CANVAS is releasing Thursday, May 11th, and to celebrate, I’m giving away 5, count ’em….5!, ecopies.  To become eligible, click right here, join, and find the pinned post, then follow the 2 little instructions.

“The Office” Teaser

Snake slowly walks over to us.  “Tsk, tsk, tsk, Tinkerbell, what are we going to do with you?”

My eyes are wide as I watch Snake approach, but warmth, a deliciously thick burning heat seeps through me.

“You told her about that, didn’t you,” Rock’s voice is husky as his fingers continue hypnotizing me, tugging and pinching and rubbing my clit.

“Yes, he told me…,” I begin.

Smack.  His open palm lands on my clit as I squeal in surprise.  A burst of electricity shoots wonderful pulsing sparks through me and makes my whole pelvis quiver. “Quiet.  You are only feeling, princess.  Feeling every touch, every lick, every goddam thing.  Until I ask you something.”  Rock slips two fingers into my wetness.  “Fuck, you’re so fucking wet,” he growls, and lowers his face to suck my entire pussy into his mouth.

Snake’s hands are on my arms caressing my nakedness.  Our eyes lock.  I don’t move, I can’t, because I need.  I need so bad.  He must see it, must see something in my eyes, because he lowers his mouth to mine and kisses me.  His tongue probes and searches, feels and explores, stroking my mouth, as his hands slide to my breasts, taking my nipples between his fingers, only to feed my hunger.  As he teases the peaks, he says against my lips, “If she were mine, Rock, I’d have her spread out just like this all the time.  I’d eat off her stomach, drink from her mouth, and write my notes on her perfect skin just like that,” he lifts a finger and traces it over the word etched across my bald mound.

Aaak!  The writing from last night, all the words Rock wrote on me.

Rock lifts his head from between my spread thighs, his face wet from my arousal.  “I like that idea, how about you, princess?”  He presses a finger against the puckered, and hungry, ring of my muscle of my ass.  “Be my own indulgence right here on my desk, always ready for me to feast, and fuck, and taste, and touch.”  His finger penetrates my tightness completely to slide it in and out slowly.

I moan.  It’s low and deep and long, and I don’t care.  I’m unraveling, melting, and soaring.  Two sets of hands working me and touching me all over is almost more than I can handle.

“Answer me, princess, would you like for me to use you whenever and however I want?”

He slides a palm down my thigh to press his thumb firmly on my clit while adding another finger to my selfish back hole.

Snake leans over and takes one of my nipples into his mouth as he twists the other between his fingers.

“Yesssssssss,” I hiss out on a heavy breath.

“She’s quite a little treasure, Rock.”

“You haven’t even seen her pussy yet.  It’s fucking heaven,” Rock grits out roughly.

Why do I feel so good listening to them talk about me like this?

Snake slides one hand down my body to fondle my pulsing nub.

“Can I see that sweet cunt of yours, Summer?  Hmmm,” he drags his tongue over my lips as his thumb flicks my nipple and his finger rubs my clit.

Rock’s fingers are making circles in my ass, wonderful little swirls that wake up every nerve ending I never knew I had.

Rock bends down so his mouth is at my ear.  Through the fog of my lust, I feel his warm breath on my skin, the soft sensation tantalizing me.  He whispers, “He’s going to look at my pussy, princess, he’s going to feel it, stroke it, pet it, and penetrate it with his finger.  Because soon, sometime very soon,” I’m panting like a mad woman, lost in the frenzy of desire, my mouth open, my eyes rolled back in my head, “he’s going to fuck your ass while I fuck my pussy.  Because no one’s cock but mine gets that pussy, but you should feel,” he makes those delicious circles in my tightness bigger.  I suck in a heavy breath and push into him, “That’s right, use me, princess.  You should feel what it’s like to have all your holes filled at the same time.  The pleasure,” Rock thrusts slowly in and out, Snake flicks and rubs.  “The hunger,” he sucks a hard nipple into his mouth, “the intensity.”

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See you there, Babe 🙂 ❤ xoxoxo

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