CANVAS, Releasing May 11th


CANVAS is releasing May 11th.  A bit of a RomCom, a bit of suspense, it’s a bit dark, and, yeah, maybe a hint twisted.  The boys have got it all.

I’ll be giving away 5 ecopies on my fan page, make sure you join right here!  Also, every Friday is Freebie Friday where I giveaway one ebook to a lucky winner.  Sometimes it’s mine, sometimes another author member, other’s it’s one I’ve read and loved.  Go ahead and click and enter the giveaways I’m always posting.

Without further adieu, here’s a teaser from CANVAS, it just might be the dirtiest thing I’ve written, and I’ve written some dirty, but it’s also really, really beautiful.

“You Want Me To Use You Like You’re Mine, Princess?” Teaser

I approach her in the tub, her eyes get bigger and she pulls back.  Gripping the edge of the tub, I lower my face so I’m right in hers.  She has to hear every fucking thing I’m going to tell her.  “Let me tell you a little of exactly what I’d like to do to you, just so we’re clear.”

I wait for her to respond.

“Okay,” she says quietly.

“Good.  First, just so you know, I fucking hate leaving you so needy.  I know you need to come, and come hard.  If you were mine, I’d tie you to the fucking bed and eat you until you came all over my face.  That would be orgasm number one.  Then I’d slip a plug in your tight little ass, roll that greedy little clit of yours between my lips for a while as I fingered you, rubbing that tender spot in your sweet pussy, until your fucking toes curled.  Orgasm number two.  Then I might,” I lower my gaze to her hard nipples taunting me in the water.  Fuck it.  I take one between a finger and thumb and tease it.  “I might put some nipple clamps on these beautiful tits.  Then I’d fuck you.”  I inch my face closer to hers.  “Hard.”  I pinch her captured nipple.  “Deep.”  I stare into her eyes.  “Then, princess, after we both explode, I’d tell you to get on your fucking knees and suck my cock.”  I let go of her nipple and straighten.  “But only after I made sure you’ve been well taken care of.”

I walk to the shower and turn it on.  As I wait for the water to warm, I turn back to her.

“Does that answer your question?” it comes out curt, more so than I meant it to.

Summer’s staring at me, but she’s not really looking.  Her eyes are glazed, her face is flushed, and her bent knees have fallen open.  The water’s rippling with movement I can’t see under the surface.

She’s touching herself, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

My dick twitches and my balls tighten with a burst of need.

“Those things…,” she whispers, “what you said…”

I wrap my hand around my hard shaft and squeeze it.  “You like it.”

The color in her face deepens.


Goddam it!


She’s going to push me.  I have about a cunt hair of self-control, and she’s going to snap it.

“Yes, princess.”

“Pretend I’m yours…please.”

Fucking SNAP.

I turn and switch off the water in the shower, then climb into the bathtub with her.

My body is strung so tight I feel like I can break in half.  Every nerve ending is screaming at me to grab her by her hair and shove my cock down her throat.

Instead, I fall to my knees straddling her legs and fucking kiss her.  It isn’t sweet or romantic, it’s angry and domineering.  It’s savage and commanding.  It’s meant to hurt and bruise.

I want to hurt her with my cock, fuck me, I want her to writhe like I am inside.  I’d been beating myself up for taking advantage of her vulnerability and using her.  Seducing her with the marker and my hands.

I knew what the fuck I was doing.

And now she’s the one making me pay.

I wrap a hand around her throat and push her away from me.  We’re both panting as our eyes clash and my fingers firmly grip the slender column of her neck.

“You want me to use you like you’re mine, princess?”

I glide my nose over her cheek.

She smells so fucking good.

“Yes,” she whispers, rubbing her skin against mine.

“Are you sure?”

I close my teeth on her jaw and nip her.

She sucks in a breath, then moans softly.


My grip tightens enough to get her attention.  Her head dips back and she stares at me, pushing me further.

“Then don’t fucking touch yourself.  Unless I tell you to.  That pussy belongs to me.”

Her tongue peeks out and swipes over her kiss swollen lips.

I lower my mouth to hers and bite her lip, then suck her tongue deep in my mouth.

Pulling back, I tell her, “Get up on the edge of the tub and open your fucking legs.”

I grip her waist and lift her out of the water.  She’s dripping all over the damn floor, and I could give two shits.  All I care about is tasting her.

“Spread those thighs, princess.  Let me see what’s mine,” I fucking growl.

Slowly, so slowly her soft flesh opens wide and her pink lips call me.

“Hold the fuck on, I’m not going to be gentle.”

“Oohhhh, God,” she moans as my face lands on her sex and I plunge my tongue inside her.

Do you like it?  I LOVE IT….so much!  Click right here to enter for a copy of an ARC.   And all the other goodies going on over there.

See you there Babe 😉 !

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