STRANGER Signed Paperback & Swag Giveaway

stranger giveawaySTRANGER Re-release GIVEAWAY!!
I am so EXCITED I’ve got my babies back!
You get:
A signed STRANGER paperback
STRANGER t-shirt
$10 Amazon gift card
A bunch of very cool swag 🙂 xoxo
go here, join, find the STRANGER Giveaway post, enter, BOOM!! >>

STRANGER, the one that started it all, Book 1
** Please be advised the following is intended for mature audiences 18 and older, may be offensive**

“Elizabeth, first I’m going to make you come with my fingers, feeling that beautiful pussy of yours grasping hard, trying to pull me all the way inside of you,” he murmurs between nips and licks on my neck and jaw. “Then I’m going to lay this beautiful body down on that table and I’m going to feast on you until every drop of those sweet juices are mine. When I think you’re finally ready, I’m going to take you to bed and slide my aching cock inside those velvet lips and fuck you.”

Re-releasing Thursday, March 30th.

What began as one night of total erotic abandon turned into one of the most passionate love stories you’ve ever known……

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*****Voted #1 FICTIONAL BOYFRIEND*****

“Look out Christian Gray….make room for Marco! N.M. Catalano has brought eroticism (noun) the quality of being erotic, sexual desire or excitement!”


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