HIDING, “Open Those Legs”


I’m so excited, HIDING is releasing Valentine’s Day, so here’s a little taste 😉

Bending, I take a handful of her hair.  “What do you want, kitten?”

She stares into my eyes.  “You.  I want to taste you.”

Fuck.  Fuck.  FUCK.

“One taste, then I’m going to devour you.”

Maria is a fuse, hot and lethal, as she slowly lowers my pants and boxers.  I kick them to the side, then plant my legs firmly in place.  One touch of her lips on my cock, and I’m sure I’m going to explode.

So slowly, so incredibly, deliciously, painfully slowly, she begins the tortuously wonderful exploration of my shaft with her mouth and tongue.  Beginning at the base, she works her way up with licks, nibbles, and kisses.  When she finally places her mouth at my tip, I’m wet with precum.  She pokes her tongue out and licks it off before closing her mouth over the entire head and grasps my balls in her hand.

I fight the urge to come the first time in her mouth.  I want to be buried so far inside her, there’ll be nothing left but me.

I push her off by her shoulders and she lands on the bed in front me.

“Open those legs, kitten.  It’s my turn.”

My voice is husky and my dick is yelling at me, he was almost there.

Fueled by my intense need to consume her, I grab her pants and underwear at the waist and pull them off her so hard, she has to hold on not to be dragged to the floor.  I lower to my knees between her legs and spread them wide, opening her up to me.  She’s goddam ambrosia.  I feed my hands under her knees and yank her down so her ass is hanging off the edge of the bed.

“So fucking perfect,” I rasp out and glide my nose up her folds.  “I love how you smell.”

“Rico,” she moans as she grips the blanket beneath her.

“That’s right, kitten.  Say my name.”

I lower my face to her wetness.

And I feast.

She is heaven and hell, sin and fulfillment, and I never want to stop.

When she grips the back of my head and pushes me further onto her, I slip a finger inside her wetness.  I know she’s close.

Her hips move and grind, smearing her sweetness all over my face.

I add another finger.

“RICO,” it comes out long and guttural.

I pull her beautiful little swollen nub between my lips, grip it tightly, my fingers buried in her cunt, and assault it with my tongue.

She screams out my name as she wraps her legs around my head and comes all over my face.

HIDING is a dark romantic suspense, a heart pounding ride.

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