HIDING Needs Bloggers! Sign-Up!

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Things have been crazy!

HIDING  is finally finished, yay!  I started after I finished PERFECT, but I felt like it wasn’t time to tell the story…just yet.  I felt that the main character, Rico, needed to be explored further as a secondary character.  Let’s face it, initially in KINK he was a total dick.

So, I decided to write BLACK INK.  There, his character played a very prominent role.  We got to see more of who he was, what made him tick, and what pissed him off.

We fell in love with him.

After I released BLACK INK, Rico’s story was ready to be told.

HIDING will be released on Valentines Day ❤ 🙂  I’d love for you to sign up for the Blog Tour/Promo/Review.  The sign-up form is  right here.

Without further adieu, may I introduce you to Rico…


I had rules.  They protected the fortress of my darkness.

My secrets.

I allowed myself certain distractions, but nothing permanent.

It wasn’t allowed.

If I slipped, then I’d fall.

That was one thing I couldn’t afford.

Until her.

She was secrets wrapped up in a challenge.  Tied with a big bow of sensuality.

I was about to take the biggest fall of my life.


I’d found complacency in my nightmare.

A comfort in normalcy.

I was surviving.

It sucked, but I was safe.

Until he crashed into my world.

He had secrets.

Lots of them.

He wasn’t the good guy.

But was he what I needed?

She’s hiding from her future. He’s running from his past. When they collide it’s explosive. Danger is a persistent predator. It seeks until it finds. There is no past, and no future. There is only now, and right now danger is coming. You can run, but you can never hide.

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