.99 SALE For A Limited Time

99 each sale.jpg

Each book is .99 for a Limited Time!
**Warning, the most intense love stories you’ll read this year.
Have the tissues handy, you’re gonna need them**
BLACK INK, The Complete Trilogy
“Hottest Series This Year!”
He took, he claimed, he owned.
Amidst danger and intrigue, they took what was his.
Now revenge and annihilation is coming.
Get it now.
All Sales Platforms: https://books2read.com/u/49xaKM
Two damaged souls.
He wants her, he’ll share her.
A journey into passion and fulfillment.
Until it shatters.
A fight so passionate,
it will leave you breathless.
He doesn’t fight fair,
she’ll give him a fight he can’t resist.
THE ROOSTER CLUB, The Best Cocks In Town
“Like Nothing I’ve Read Before! Masterpiece!”
A love that spans decades.
A promise to a friend leads them on a rollercoaster ride filled with Danger.
The rise to the top, and the crash of destruction.
Until they find each other once again.
**intended for mature audiences, 18+**

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