A Little Teaser From the Upcoming HIDING


Here’s a tiny taste from the upcoming HIDING xoxo

He takes my bottom lip between his teeth and bites it, the sensation just shy of painful. I dig my nails into his scalp and grind his mouth into mine. A low rumble seeps up from his chest and vibrates against my body as he pushes the entire length of his against me. My body answers his, rubbing against his hard shaft.
I’m pushing him to his limits.
He pushes me harder into the stone wall as his fist tangles in my hair and pulls.
I drag my nails down his back.
He sucks my tongue deep into his mouth.
I moan again.
His mouth travels down my neck.
“This is just a taste, baby, of how you need to be kissed,” he whispers against my neck.
Yes, just like this!

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