Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, A Short Story ❤

N.M. Catalano Writer/Author

A Short Story….. (intended for mature audiences, 18+)

“But Guiseppe, there’s an empty table over there…..,” Sofia exclaimed, peering over the maître d’s shoulder through the crowded restaurant.

“Mi amore, yes, but it’s reserved.  It’s Christmas Eve, everyone is out tonight.  We booked all of our tables weeks ago,” the older man answered her, his eyes filled with regret.  “Sofia, mia piccola, I’m sorry.  I asked you so many times if you were coming tonight, and each time you said no,” he said beseechingly.

Sofia’s eyes widened in surprise.  “Guiseppe, my parents and I have always come here for Christmas Eve and we never had reservations.”

“Amore mia, I know, and I’m sorry, it’s out of my hands.”  His eyes searched her beautiful face.  “I watched you grow up in this restaurant, from that naughty little girl into the beautiful young woman you are today.  And I felt so honored to share your Christmases with…

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