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GIVEAWAY ~~~ Ebook or Amazon Gift Card

OKAY, HERE WE GO! The countdown begins for the release of BLACK INK, Part III, The conclusion….are you ready? Hehehe…
To do that, I would like to start some GIVEAWAYS.
I think we should start with KINK as I think, if you haven’t read it, you should, (and PERFECT), before starting this. Sooooo……for a chance to win an ecopy, (or if you’ve read it, an Amazon giftcard $5), ALL of the following must be done:
– share this to your page
– Like my author page
– sign up here >>> for newsletters packed with only the stuff you love http ://
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– And tell your friends how absolutely INCREDIBLE Alexander Black is !!
Here is a teaser from KINK:

Both men’s fingers touch the tip of her tongue and it moves to stroke both of them, curling and swirling, licking and tasting, as they glide over the rough texture of her, wanting so much more. Brian lets out a soft curse as he clenches his teeth and a low growl can be heard rumbling in John’s throat as they both fight for self-control. Elsie’s eyes flutter and her head dips back just a fraction as a soft moan floats from deep within her. They are lost in this moment, reveling in the feelings of this simple act which promises so much, so much erotic pleasure, so much passion, so much to be discovered.

“We are going to bring you so much pleasure, angel, more than you could ever have imagined,” John says quietly, his look searing into her.

“We are going to make your body scream with desire, again and again, making it shatter in complete satisfaction, Elsie. We are going to worship you,” Brian’s voice caresses her.

“Oh, God…,” Elsie moans. She is lost in their seduction, their promises intoxicating her. And there’s no turning back now, they have unlocked her and have already entered into the deepest part of her.


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