BLACK INK, Part III, The Conclusion


BLACK INK, Part III, The Conclusion
Every cell in my body is raging to possess Gemma. I needed to feel her, taste her, smell her, own her, and completely consume her. I’m losing control, unraveling at the seams, I can’t think, I can’t breathe, all I want is to take her. Hard. Rough. Savagely.
My mouth hasn’t left hers, starved for her, needing more, needing everything. Sucking her lower lip deep in my mouth, I bite down, the rusty taste of her blood explodes on my taste buds. The beast inside me growls, hungry for more. Her long fingernails in my hair dig into my scalp as she clutches my lip between her teeth and bites me back, grinding our mouths together.
The beast has tasted her blood, there’s no holding him back, he’s clawing, busting through my walls to devour.
He won’t be satisfied with anything less than complete and total ravagement.
Gripping her blouse, I rip it open, the buttons fly across the room. Next the skirt, I shred it from her body, the sound of tearing fabric blends with our panting. I stare into Gemma’s eyes, wild and fierce, hers glazed and mad with passion. Her pretty lace bra that lifts her tits tauntingly at me, begging me to take them in my mouth, gone, useless, now a rag. Her matching panties are no longer an obstacle between me and where I need to bury myself, tattered and ruined on the floor. Walking her backwards, forcing her to the St. Andrew’s Cross, I leave a trail of her torn clothing until her back slams against the crisscrossed planks with only her thigh highs still in place.
Primal. Animal. Savage. We are mouths, teeth, nails, flesh, tearing, biting, taking, giving. Colliding in a tempestuous desperation. She digs her nails into my chest and scores them down my front, drawing blood, as my teeth sink into the soft skin of her shoulder. The room fills with the sounds of our curses, growls and moans of pure primitive hunger. The slapping of our flesh, our sweat melding as our bodies come together. My mouth claims her nipple, sucking it feverishly, my tongue tormenting the hard tip, my teeth clench it, starved for her moans the onslaught pulls from her. We’re feasting on each other, ravenous to consume, our longing driving us beyond all control.
I grip her firmly around the back of her neck and pull her face down to the wounds she gave me, the dark red blood oozing from my flesh.
“Take it,” my voice sounds fierce. “Make me yours.”
Her eyes flash to mine, wide and sultry, as a smile curves her kiss swollen lips. Slowly her mouth opens and her tongue reaches out to take my life force. With her eyes never leaving mine, her gaze penetrating me straight to my core, she licks the blood covered welts.
“I want to be the blood that flows in your veins, the very air you breathe,” I feed my fist into her hair and grip it, pulling her face up to mine. “I will be the only thing you need to live, Gemma, and you will be mine, the only thing that gives me life.”

….coming October 2016….

The beginning:

***18+ adult, very strong sexual content, a bit dark, a bit edgy, a whole lot of heat, first part to a series***

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