7 minutes

You have GOT to read this!

Southern Georgia Bunny

Little background on this gentleman. I met him at a popular rooftop bar during a networking event.

His description is as follows: 6’2, bald, crystal blue eyes, wearing a suit that was a little too big for him, with a thick Jersey accent. He was new to the area. He owned a bridal and wedding magazine. For the remainder of this story we will refer to him as Jersey.

After copious amounts of drinks, we exchanged cards and decided to meet up for dinner later in the week. Lets just say sparks were flying. So we decided to skip dinner and head right into playtime.

We are going at it. If you don’t know what I mean by the phrase, “going at it”, then cease and desist reading. This story is not for your sensitive ears.

The evening has quickly progressed. Now all articles of clothing are gone. We have…

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