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F R E E   E B O O K !!

Have you read KINK? Indulged in the excitement that makes your heart race?

Now’s your chance. Get it F R E E when you get PERFECT, the next installment in the series. Just send me a copy of your ‘receipt’ and I’ll forward you the amazing story of KINK for F R E E !


Brooke has her hand down the front of his pants, wrapping her fingers around his engorged erection, and squeezing it.

A low animalistic growl erupts from deep within Brian. Brooke’s dragging his beast out, and he’s starving.

Brian grabs Brooke by her arms and turns them both, pushing her back against the door with a loud thud. He yanks the low neck-line of her shirt down, fills his hand roughly with her breast, and bites it.

“GOD!” she moans loudly, never letting go of his shaft. Yanking his head back by the grip she has on his hair, she brings her mouth down on his left pec over his shirt and takes hold of it with her teeth. Her tongue flicks out over the nipple and teases it, feeling the hoop that’s fed through it. It fuels her raging fire.

“Fuck, woman,” Brian grits out, bombarded with the overload of sensations Brooke is consuming him with.

Savage lust. Erotic fury. This is what they are. Teeth, nails, skin, scratching, biting, wet, heat, passion, hard, f***. They are animals. One goal. Conquer and f***.

KINK Teaser:

“I’m going to blindfold you, Elsie. We want you to get lost in the sensations, put you in a world where nothing exists except feeling,” John tells her, his voice low and deep and his eyes searing into her.

John moves to stand behind Elsie, so close they’re almost touching. Their body heat is embracing each other. He snakes a big hand around Elsie’s neck and captures her chin. Pulling her to him slowly her head dips back and leans against his naked chest. John turns her face to look up at him as his mouth takes her. He needs to taste her, savor her, and make her moan. Nibbling along her cheek, he moves down to enjoy the perfect line of her jaw. His mouth comes to kiss her swollen lips and he sucks and bites them. A soft moan passes her lips and John swallows it as if it were the elixir of life. Tasting her lips, feeling the softness of her tongue, he sends her into a world of erotic darkness.

**Warning, these books contain very strong sexual content, BDSM, menage, and a scene or two which could be a trigger containing sexual assault/rape in KINK. 18+

For mature audiences only.

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