Beta Reader opportunity for PERFECT

Brian piercing teaser

The highly anticipated, and very titillating, PERFECT will be released soon, March 24th.

For an opportunity to be chosen to beta read for this heart racing, palm sweating, on the edge of your seat story, please click on the link and take a moment to fill out the form. I truly cannot wait for you to dive into Brian’s story, days after you’ll still be breathless.…/1ccJiq6m-i1f0F-zGs9W3pY_…/viewform


Brian Daniels has life by the balls. He’s gorgeous, so much so, it hurts so good to look at him. And his dominant sexual skills leaves the women he’s with in a state of complete erotic delirium for days, knowing exactly how to bring her the most pleasure. The dark and dangerous beast inside him, the one that was born in the Marines, is released in the cage when he fights, and in the bedroom when the women are tied and begging for more. He is absolutely perfect. But he’s miserable, empty, and hollow, wondering if this is all there is to life.

Everything about Brooke stops traffic. Her perfect body and face have men following behind her like a trail of whimpering little puppy dogs. And she hates everything about her, because it destroyed her. She lives with its curse every day, one that will never allow a man to get close to her heart. She’s a brilliant marine biologist fighting against the clock amid brutal shark attacks, trying to find a way to stop the animal before it strikes again. But she’s defenseless against the monster inside her.

When Brian and Brooke collide, it’s an erotic war zone, one that Brian will not lose.

Can he save her from her demons? Can she finally submit and let Brian free her from her hell? Or will tragedy strike first and rip Brian from her, destroying any chance they have at love?

**for mature audiences, 18+, get ready for a fight so passionate, it will leave you breathless**
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10 thoughts on “Beta Reader opportunity for PERFECT

  1. Hey Nadine! Just wanted to let you know that your google doc. link does not work. I also wanted to ask you about the beta reader spot. What exactly does a beta reader do for an author? I have read for a couple different authors and sent them notes from proof reading their ARC’s, wrong word usage, conflicting timeline issues…things like that. But I don’t know if that is what a beta reader does. If that is the same then I would be happy to help out if you ever need it. I enjoy doing it and seem to have an eye for catching alot of those things. Any time I read an ARC I offer to note any of these issues and send them to the author. I have only had one author get offended by the offer, which was never my intention. I honestly just feel it’s just my way showing my appreciation but this author thought I was being “snobbish” and assuming that I was going to find errors and stuff in her book before I even opened the cover. I told her I was making the offer before I started because if she didn’t want me to then I would know not to waste my time making notes and typing them up to send. She’s never asked me to read another ARC. But I have made the same off dozens of times to dozens of other authors and they are ecstatic to get the notes. So I just chalk it up to her having a bad day. 🙂 Thanks for your time and again I just wanted to give you a head’s up on that link~Jennifer

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