Holiday STRANGER Signed Paperback Giveaway

stranger christmas giveaway
Holiday STRANGER paperback GIVEAWAY!
For a chance to win a signed copy, visit:*Also, during the holidays Amazon best-sellers available for .99*
Get them now……experience the most passionate, endearing love story you’ll read this year in KINK. In THE ROOSTER CLUB, The Best Cocks in Town, take an emotional rollercoaster ride, like nothing you’ve read before.


“I’m going to let your hands loose, don’t move them,” he tells her.

“Ok,” she whispers.

He loosens his grip and lowers that hand. He takes a handful of her shirt and bra and pulls it over her head and throws it to the floor behind him. Elsie’s breathing has become heavy and erratic. He lowers himself in front of her pulling her pants down as he goes. He’s holding the bunched up pants gathered around her ankles as he presses his face into the bald V at the apex of her thighs.

“Mmmmm, you smell so fucking good, like you want to get f*****…. ”
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THE ROOSTER CLUB, The Best Cocks in Town
“I want to take my time with you, Natalie. Get on the bed.”

Michael was going to ride the beast tonight. He would let him have a taste of his Natalie, while he made love to her slowly and completely.

‘This is about her tonight.’ He smiled wickedly down at Natalie, part man, part beast. He wanted to drown her in pleasure. Have it consume her, until she screamed she could take no more.

His mouth began to worship me. The heady intoxication began as he licked me, kissed me, and left tiny love bites across my flesh. The waves started to crest. He blazed a trail over me with his mouth and lips on my breasts. He teased their peaks into an aching frenzy, fueling my fire to a raging inferno. When I thought I would cum from only his mouth on my nipples, he moved down my stomach, my legs, arms, and neck. I was mindless in his seduction. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t stand anymore, his mouth lowered to my wetness, kissing, licking, and sucking me until I shattered, screaming his name.

Michael lapped her up fiercely and mercilessly. Her flavor was an aphrodisiac he’d never get enough of. His tongue stroked, probed, plunged, flicked and laved, while his lips sucked, plucked, and nipped her lips, folds and clit.
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