Christmas Eve

A Short Story….. (intended for mature audiences, 18+)

“But Guiseppe, there’s an empty table over there…..,” Sofia exclaimed, peering over the maître d’s shoulder through the crowded restaurant.

“Mi amore, yes, but it’s reserved.  It’s Christmas Eve, everyone is out tonight.  We booked all of our tables weeks ago,” the older man answered her, his eyes filled with regret.  “Sofia, mia piccola, I’m sorry.  I asked you so many times if you were coming tonight, and each time you said no,” he said beseechingly.

Sofia’s eyes widened in surprise.  “Guiseppe, my parents and I have always come here for Christmas Eve and we never had reservations.”

“Amore mia, I know, and I’m sorry, it’s out of my hands.”  His eyes searched her beautiful face.  “I watched you grow up in this restaurant, from that naughty little girl into the beautiful young woman you are today.  And I felt so honored to share your Christmases with you and your mama and papa.  I was very proud to be with you when you needed me.”  His voice choked, telling her of the fondness he had in his heart for her, laced also with the sadness he felt knowing she would never have those Christmases again.

Pain seered through Sofia’s body with the onslaught of all the memories she and her parents had made in this room while they were alive.  She was an only child and their deaths last Christmas Eve had left her feeling completely alone in the world.  They had been killed by a drunk driver who had skidded in the snow.  The car screeched onto the sidewalk and killed them instantly.  Sofia had been here waiting for them when she’d gotten the call.  Guiseppe was there for her that night, had left with her and gone to the hospital with her, had held her hand when she identified the bodies.  He was the only family she felt she had left.  He had been like a second father to her throughout the past year.  If not, there is no telling what Sofia would have done.  All she wanted to do was grasp any tiny familiarity of times with them.  And this was the place she’d thought of, away from the confines of their empty brownstone where she was feeling claustrophobic.

Sofia internally shook away the memories and straightened her shoulders thinking, I am not going to get sad, I’m not going to get sad, willing the emotions to leave.

“What time was the reservation made for?” Sofia asked her old friend sternly.  She would be strong no matter what.

Guiseppe looked down at the book lying open in front of him on the podium.  His brows furrowed as he glanced at his watch before answering.  “Ten minutes ago.”

“Ahah!” Sofia let out triumphantly.  “So if he’s not here in five minutes, I can have that table.”

A warm expression softened the older man’s still handsome features.  Guiseppe was a man from another time, who still held onto his distinguished characteristics and regal air.  He was proud and stood tall, the years had not robbed him of his gentleman civility.

“Yes, Sofia, if he does not arrive in five minutes…,” Guiseppe’s words were cut short by the gust of cold air sweeping in through the opening front door, bringing in a whirlwind of snow flakes with it.

“I’m sorry I’m late Guiseppe.  Catching a cab was impossible tonight,” the deep male voice said behind Sofia as the sound of the closing door clicked behind him.

Warmth wrapped around Sofia like hot caramel, making her shiver with its intensity.  His voice had an English accent and was rich and incredibly sexy, making her want to sigh out loud.

“Of course Mr. Martini, it is perfect.  Your table is ready,” Guiseppe greeted the faceless man as the maître d’s frame reached to stand another inch taller.

“Grazie mille,” Mr. Martini replied, with a smile heard in his voice.

Sofia shivered again at the unfamiliar warmth seeping through her body and let out a heavy sigh.  And he speaks Italian, she thought.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry, did I interrupt?” Mr. Martini asked from behind Sofia.

Sofia could sense the mass of his body in its close proximity to hers and she could feel her temperature rising a few degrees in response.  The man was tall and large.  The sensation made her inhale sharply.

“Not at all Mr. Martini.  This is a Sofia Giancarlo, she is a long time customer, and a personal friend,” Guiseppe replied with a hint of tenderness to his words.

The informality of the restaurant made it a favorite for the customers, having no haughty airs or pretentiousness, always making them feel welcome and very comfortable.

As Mr. Martini moved to stand in front of Sofia, he placed his hand on her back.

“Please join me, it would be an honor to have your company on Christmas Eve,” he asked her looking down into her face as he now stood in front of her, so close they almost touched.

Sofia’s lips parted as she stared at the image of male perfection before her.  He was stunning, with dark eyes that peered into your soul, golden skin, sharp features with full, suckable lips, thick dark hair screaming to have your fingers tangled in it, and she just knew when he took off his coat his body was going to make her knees buckle. He had a formidable presence to him, something dark and alluring and an air that said, ‘I take what I want, and I’m going to play with you and enjoy every fucking minute of it.’

“I couldn’t…,” she whispered, wanting nothing more than the opposite.

“I insist,” he said quietly.  His lips lifted into a deliciously sensual smile.

A tremor slithered up Sofia’s spine.  He must have felt it.  His hand tightened on her back holding her in place and pulling her slightly closer to his large body.  Sparks erupted from the place his hand held her and jolted every nerve ending in her petite frame to life.  His eyes licked over her face as his fingers moved, gently caressing her back.

His head lowered and his nose stroked her hair as he inhaled deeply.

“Please,” he said softly in her ear, his accent making it sound melodic.

Sofia could feel her nipples harden inside her bra as her loins clenched.  It was all she could do to hold the moan slipping from her throat from escaping.

“Yes…,” she replied quietly.

Mystery Man separated Sofia’s hair with a push of his nose and brought his lips close to her ear.  “Thank you,” he whispered, his breath stroking her skin. She sighed softly at the warm caress.  Lifting his face, he smiled broadly at her.

God, she thought, he’s even more breathtaking when he smiles.  His grin was so bright, it lit up the room as brilliantly as the sun.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Sofia Giancarlo, I’m Lorenzo Martini,” he said with a very pleased grin.  Looking over to Guiseppe, he continued, “Guiseppe, two for dinner por favore.”

“Of course, Mr. Martini,” Guiseppe beamed, “right this way.  Sofia, mia piccola, molto bene.”

Sofia was in a surreal haze following Guiseppe through the dining room filled with couples and families celebrating the most loving night of the year, with the most stunning man she’s ever laid on eyes close beside her with his hand holding her gently around her back.  Only minutes earlier she’d been miserable and almost inconsolable as dread had begun to fill her with thoughts of a long depressing evening ahead of her.  She’d wanted to forget Christmas and bury her head in bad sitcom reruns and bags of Hershey’s kisses with a bottle of Xanax at her side.

When they arrived at the table in the corner, Lorenzo shrugged off his coat.  Her knees did buckle at the sight of him in a black cashmere body hugging sweater and jeans hanging low on his lean broad hips.  Her mouth went dry and watered simultaneously at the picture of his body.  She slipped hers off and she saw a glaze of lust in his eyes as he held his hand out for her coat.  He placed both coats on an empty chair and held another for Sofia to settle in before seating himself next to her.  Guiseppe set menus in front of them and a wine list before giving Sofia a very happy smile.

Guiseppe asked Sofia, “Your usual entrée tonight, Sofia?”

She nodded her head almost shyly.  Lorenzo noticed the familiar glance between the maître d and the woman sitting next to him.  It spoke volumes of the friendship the two shared.  It left him feeling a bit jealous.  He wanted Sofia to look at him that way, he wanted to know her secrets and what moved her, those things only intimacy would reveal.

When the older gentleman turned toward Lorenzo and asked what he would like, Lorenzo replied, “Whatever she’s having is perfect,” not picking up a menu.

The corner of Guiseppe’s mouth lifted in a satisfied grin with a sparkle in his eye and asked,  “And your usual wine, Mr. Martini?”

“Yes, please, Guiseppe, grazie,” Lorenzo replied, appreciating Guiseppe’s keen way of making him feel as welcome as he had Sofia.

Finally Sofia and Lorenzo were alone.  Lorenzo leaned forward and rested his arms on the table.  The closeness of his body was igniting fires within her that had long been snuffed out.  A light sheen of perspiration erupted all over her body and she wanted to squirm in her seat, needing to quench the hunger pulsing in her loins and coursing through her.  This man was sexual predator personified. It oozed from him and wrapped her in its seduction, melting her and pulling her to him, and she wanted to drown in its promises.

“I had resigned myself to the fact I was going to be alone tonight.  It seems Santa decided to take me off the naughty list,” he said with a hint of a mischievous grin.

Sofia tilted her head back and let out a soft laugh.  And I bet he’s all kinds of wonderful naughty, she thought.  The impending fog of her sadness had cleared with Lorenzo’s erotic presence.

“The night’s still young Mr. Martini, I wouldn’t go placing any bets yet,” she chided him as images of a very naughty Lorenzo danced through her head.  She wanted that bad boy to come out and play.

He laughed at her jibe.  The sound was a soothing tonic to Sofia’s ears, smoothing the roughness inside her that had grown since this night last year.

“That it is lovely Sofia.  But having met you is enough for me,” he replied, his gaze piercing.

A multitude of emotions passed over Sofia’s face.  It gave him the strong impression that she was hurting…but she still had hope.  And in that instant he vowed he would make her forget her pain.  He wanted to make her happy, see the smile light up her eyes, but more than that, he wanted to hear moans of pleasure coming from her beautiful lips.  His cock was stirring in his pants, completely agreeing with him.

Their conversation was light as each of them talked and laughed telling stories and debating about politics and climate change.  Dinner began with antipasto and bowls of minestrone soup followed by fettuccini alfredo and shrimp.  They shared cannoli’s and cheesecake and didn’t stop eating until they almost popped.  During dinner, Lorenzo stole small opportunities to touch her, stroking her cheek as he brushed a stray strand of hair away from her face, tracing a finger along the curve of her ear as he tucked it behind it, and wanting to run his finger along her lush lower lip when he wiped a spot of white sauce from the corner of her mouth.  With each innocent touch she melted a little and ached even more. As Sofia and Lorenzo swirled the sugar in their steamy cups of coffee, Lorenzo stole a glance at her.

“Are you going to leave me now?” he asked, his voice low.

The sensual tension that had been simmering between them was now a rolling boil.

Sofia was speechless, riveted to her seat.  She didn’t know how to answer his question.  She didn’t want this night to end, had eaten way more than she normally did for the sole reason of being with him longer.  He had brought her back to life, pulled her from the dark cold place she’d been living in.  Her body reacted feverishly to him as everything ached with a need to be touched.  Their eyes were locked as they searched each other to hear the unspoken words there.

Lorenzo knew she would not say what she wanted to but he could see it in her face.

“Don’t …,” he said quietly.

“Okay,” she answered softly, a slow smile curving her pouty lips.

“Good, because I would have been left alone tonight, without even a Christmas tree,” he smiled, reaching to lift her hand and bring it to his lips.

A blush slowly spread across her cheeks.  “I don’t have one either,” she replied as she lowered her gaze.

“You don’t?” he asked surprised.  A devilish grin erupted on his face.  “I think we should go rectify that right now.”

Sofia’s eyes widened as fear began to grip her.

Lorenzo clasped her hand tighter and brought his face to hers.  “It’s okay.  This one will be different.  It will be ours.”  He didn’t know what demons she carried within her, all he knew was he was going to exorcise them.  Tonight.  With every.  Single.  Part. Of his body.

Sofia’s expression softened.  “Let’s do it.”

“Excellent,” he smiled.

They stood, he paid the check and they donned their coats.   As they stepped into the wintry night hair, snowflakes landed on their faces.  They laughed and stuck their tongues out trying to catch them on the tips.  Lorenzo had his arm snaked around Sofia’s waist as he led her up the city block, passing the windows of the stores filled with lights and Christmas displays.  Up ahead they could hear the sound of Christmas carols floating toward them on the wind with the tiny crystal flakes.  They came to an empty lot  where a man had been selling live Christmas trees and was packing up for the night.

“We made it just in time,” Lorenzo laughed, squeezing Sofia’s waist.  “Which one do you like?” he asked, smiling down into her face.

The magic of Christmas sparked within her and shone from her eyes.  Who is this man who appeared out of nowhere?  Whoever he is, thank you God for sending him to me tonight, Sofia thought smiling to herself.  “That one,” she stated, pointing to the six foot spruce standing proudly.

“It’s perfect,” he replied and approached the man and paid for the tree.

The two of them walked down the blocks, Lorenzo dragging their prize behind them.

Sofia stopped in front of a supermarket and said, “Do you mind waiting here? I want to pick up some things,” she said with a newfound giddiness.  She wanted to get some eggnog and popcorn, things she’d always had on this night every year.

“Of course not,” he smiled.  There was a glimmer of vitality in her face, and it warmed his heart.

When she emerged from the little store, Lorenzo’s dark hair was covered in snow flakes, she couldn’t resist dusting the powder from him.  He lowered his head and shook it, dousing her with the flakes. When she tried to escape, he captured her by her hips and pulled her tightly to him.  Sofia laughed, the first genuine carefree laughs she’s had this year.  And it felt so good. Their playfulness shifted as their breathing got heavier.  She looked up into his face. Lorenzo’s hand slid up her back and into her hair, holding her head and stroking her neck with his fingertips.  He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. Finally, the need to taste her had been driving him crazy. He wanted to relish the first lick of her lips, the first touch of her velvety tongue against his.  He slowly traced his tongue along the fullness of her lips, stroking them, burning the feel of them to his memory. The world stopped and tilted on its axis the moment their lips touched.  She was delicious, and the way her body melted into his sent a primal wave of need and possession through him.  He wanted her.  Badly.  All of her.

Sofia’s body trembled and a soft moan escaped her.  She was consumed with emotion, desire, and a hunger so intense, it took her breath away.  The onslaught of sensations flooding her made her heart pound against her chest.  She was feeling. Nothing had penetrated the self-protective veneer she’d created over the past year.  Until him.  He was bringing her back to life.

Not wanting to let her go, he did, and lifted his mouth an inch from hers.  “Let’s get this inside, lovely Sofia,” he murmured, his voice husky and his British accent thick with longing. Those simple words caressed Sofia in the most delicious way, much like his tongue.

They continued their three block walk to her families brownstone.  She didn’t feel the usual melancholy as she unlocked the door, but heat sizzling into her from the tall, dark, familiar stranger who was by her side, making her tremble with erotic anticipation.

I can’t believe I’m bringing a complete stranger into my home, I must be out of my mind! her common sense blared at her.  She peered at him sideways with her head bowed as she turned the key.  Nothing but sincerity and sensuality emanated from him.  Both things she desperately craved.  The door swung open and Sofia stepped in and disarmed the security system while Lorenzo pulled the monstrous tree through the front door.  Both of them laughed when he almost fell to his ass as it sprang through with one final tug.  Sofia ran to move furniture out of the way as he dragged it through the foyer and into the living room.

“I’ll go get the decorations, be right back,” she announced.

“I’ll come with you,” he said following her up the stairs.

She bound up the stairs.  Lorenzo found her on her knees with her head in a closet.  The luscious vision of her round ass was beckoning him to run his hands over the round globes.  It was begging him to separate its cheeks and find her sweet pussy wet and glistening calling him to bury his face there before he slid his throbbing cock into its depths.  He almost groaned out loud.

This woman is the most scintillating and stunning creature I have ever seen.  She’s so innocent and unbelievably sexy.  What a gift.  Whatever I did, thank you for letting me find her, he thought, clenching his fists to keep them from doing what they longed to do.

He helped her take the boxes downstairs.  While Lorenzo untangled the lights, Sofia prepared two glasses of eggnog and popped the popcorn.  They wrapped the lights around the tree and laughed when she almost toppled it over, leaning into it too far.  When it was done, they admired it with soft smiles on their faces bathed in the warm glow of the whites lights.  The room had taken on a magical essence.

“It’s beautiful Lorenzo,” Sofia said quietly.  Blood was thrumming through her veins at his closeness.

“Thank you for letting me share this with you, Sofia,” he murmured. The endearing expression on her face melted his heart.

His hand reached to brush a lock of hair behind her shoulder, running a finger gently down the column of her neck. He could feel the pulsing beat of her heart below his finger, vibrating through his tall body. The lids of her eyes dipped as her head tilted to the side, responding to the sensual stroke. Her body tingled, wanting to feel it gliding across her flesh. He lowered his face to her and ran his nose along the curve of her throat, from the hollow behind her ear to her shoulder, breathing in deeply, filling himself with her intoxicating scent. It made his mouth water. Pushing the opening of her collar down her shoulder with his hand, he followed it with his tongue before biting her lightly. She gasped as erotic sparks erupted inside her as her body responded and pushed into him.  His tongue laved the sensitive flesh as his hands slid to her front, palms flat against her abdomen, travelling down to her thighs.  They kneaded the flesh, hungry to feel her.  Her ass ground into him as her loins throbbed, begging to have his hands all over her.

“My darling Sofia, if you want me to stop, you have to tell me now. Because there’s no turning back if you don’t,” he ground out, his voice husky with need.

Sofia answered him with her hands reaching up and snaking around his neck and sifting into his soft hair, pulling his face closer.  Her back arched and her breasts reached, wanting to feel those lips on them that were teasing her skin.

A deep rumbling emanated from inside Lorenzo, primitive and raw. Every primal instinct roared inside demanding him to claim, possess, feast on the succulent woman in his arms. But he wanted more. He wanted to penetrate her in the most intimate way, move within her veins, be the air that she breathed, the first thought when she woke in the mornings, and the last thought as sleep wrapped itself around her, and every one in between.

Her face turned towards him.  Her lips parted and her tongue peeked out, hungry to taste him.  His hand slid to cup her neck, clasping her jaw firmly and tilting her head to his mouth. She moaned, it was a deep, hungry sound.  He closed his mouth feverishly against hers, capturing that sound, wanting to keep it with him always.

The fire was burning in the fireplace, the flames leaving dancing shadows across her perfect features.  He lowered them both to the floor in front of the fire and began to undress the most beautiful present he’d ever had in his life. This was a celebration of adoration. His lips caressed her as his fingers and hands slowly removed her clothes.  When Sofia was naked beneath him, he was breathless. Everything in him was taut with need to possess her.

“My turn,” she whispered as she reached to run a hand over his hard body.  Lorenzo sucked in a breath. This was going to be the most glorious torture he’d ever experienced. His cock was throbbing in his pants, aching to feel her tightness wrap around it.

Lorenzo lowered himself to the floor as he pulled Sofia on top of him. Her hands explored the hard plains of his body as she pushed the sweater over his head.  He was magnificent. Sculpted physique all wrapped up in soft golden skin with a trail of dark hair that fed into his pants. She lowered her face and licked from the hollow at the base of his throat, down to circle each dark disk and flicking the nipples in the center.  His body tensed beneath hers as blood flooded his already raging hard-on. Her lips moved slowly down his abdomen, her hot tongue dipped inside his belly button as it continued its descent.  She lowered her face to his cock.  His back rose off the floor as her sweet mouth began to nibble up the length of his shaft over his jeans.

His hands clasped her arms and he said roughly, “Take my pants off, pet, because I want to worship you.”

Sofia’s body trembled with the promise of his words. Her fingers gingerly unbuttoned them and lowered the zipper as her heart pounded in her ears. He lifted his ass as she pulled them down unveiling long muscular legs, and a thick, long erection almost visibly throbbing with need. Her loins clenched at the thought of him thrusting himself into her, feeling him fill her. She couldn’t wait.

Lorenzo pulled her to him and rolled them so she was beneath him.

“I’m going to lavish you now, my sweet Sofia.  I’m going to feast on every inch of your body and when I’m finished, every inch will be mine,” he said, his voice husky, his face almost touching hers.

Another tremor snaked up her spine. “Yes,” she replied deeply.

His mouth covered hers gently, making love to her slowly and deliciously. His tongue caressed hers with deliberate strokes, then moved to lick her lips before pulling one lightly between his teeth. Her body pushed into his, wanting to feel his mouth everywhere. He took his time, tasting her, feeling her, learning all her curves and secret places that screamed ‘take me’ to him. He loved the soft swell of her breasts, licking the round globes until his tongue had found its way to the pebbled points waiting for him. He took one in his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. She moaned as the shock travelled through her body straight to her pussy, making it clench in response. He sucked them, nibbled them, and rolled them around in his lips. She was almost ready to come from that alone. He adored her body with his mouth, lips and tongue. His face poised over her naked mound, he spread her legs wide and looked at her glistening wetness waiting for him.

“You’re so beautiful, Sofia,” he murmured deeply, and lowered his face. His tongue took a long slow swipe over the slit of her sex, flicking her clit when it lifted.

“Oh God, Lorenzo,” she moaned, thrashing her head side to side.

His tongue circled her hole, then dove into its depths as his lips closed on her. Her walls clenched trying to capture him, needing to feel him inside her.  His lips moved and grasped her swollen clit, giving it the same exquisite torture he had the rest of her body. His tongue teased it, his lips sucked it and she writhed against him, almost ready to explode. With his tongue pressed flat against her, he slid a finger into her hot sheath and curved it. As he pulled her clit between his lips and flicked it with his tongue, his finger began to rub her walls inside. When his knuckle found that magic spot within her, she shattered. Her whole body trembled as she vibrated against his mouth and finger and she screamed his name. He held her tightly sucking, licking, rubbing, riding her on that wave.

When her back finally lowered to the floor as the last tremors of her climax rocked her, he raised himself and covered her body with his. Sofia wrapped her arms around him and kissed him with the ferocity still coursing through her.

“I’m going to make love to you now, but I want you in your bed. I want you to think of me each time you lay your beautiful body down to sleep at night, and each morning when you wake up,” he told her with desire in his eyes.

Lorenzo lifted Sofia’s body and cradled her in his arms and climbed the stairs. He knew which room was hers by the open door. It was richly decorated with hints of femininity and good taste. He laid her down on the bed while not separating himself from her.

He began to slowly trace the lines of her body with his fingertips, connecting the dots that was her. He made slow languid circles around her nipples reveling in how they responded to his touch, hardening and puckering begging to be sucked. He lowered his mouth and mimicked the movement of his finger with his tongue before pulling the glorious peek into his warm mouth. His fingers danced along her flesh until they slipped between her thighs and stroked the soft skin there.  As his tongue made titillating circles around her nipples, his fingers travelled through her velvet folds to her sensitive clit. His thumb grazed it, his fingers fondled it, and his palm cupped it tenderly. Her body told him she was going into that place of sweet intoxication by the soft whimpers and moans she was giving him. He slipped two fingers insider her heat. She squeezed them with her walls making his cock jerk and his balls tighten. He began to move inside her, in and out, twisting and turning, rubbing her in the most intimate way. Her legs opened, her body silently begging him for more.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

He shifted his body atop hers, fitting against her as the head of his cock slipped along her silky wetness. Sofia’s hips bucked into him and the engorged head pushed inside her.

“Yes,” she moaned gutturally.

Lorenzo clenched his teeth as his head dropped back, willing himself to go slow. He eased into her depths inch by inch. He wanted to remember every inch of her, let the sensations of entering her wash over him little by little. He wanted to burn it to his memory and relive it again and again.

It was sweet bliss. The feeling of Lorenzo slowly filling her, taking her inch by slow delicious inch was exquisite. Each piece of him shot a drug of pure erotic headiness through her, pushing her further and further into oblivion. When he finally buried himself inside her, he stopped. Sofia wrapped herself around him and pulled his face to hers. He kissed her deeply, needing to fill her with every part of him.

He began to move.

The feel of his cock slipping in and out of her, filling her completely, thrusting slow and deep, was sheer bliss. She moaned, and started to soar.

Never before had Lorenzo felt the enormity of what he was experiencing. He was drowning in Sofia, lost in the sensations coursing through him. Everything about her was making him high, her scent, her taste, and the exquisiteness of being inside her was surreal. Her soft moans and whimpers shot straight to his balls, pulling them up inside him, ready to shoot what was filling them.

He lifted himself from her and turned her to her stomach. Sofia sighed, “Yes,” softly as he lifted her ass to him.  Lorenzo’s breath caught as he admired the vision of beauty before him of her glistening pussy and her tight little asshole.  He traced a finger along her folds and dipped his thumb inside her circling it, her hips swaying with the movement.

“Oh God…,” she whispered.

His hand traveled upwards until it was resting on the downward slope of her ass right between her cheeks. His thumb wet with her juices grazed along the crease until it came to her puckering back hole. It began slow delicious circles around it making her back arch. His other hand slid over her sex to cup it. Two fingers scissored around her clit, closing it between them. Sofia began to rock in his hands getting lost in the sensations he was giving her with the expert titillations of his fingers. Lorenzo pressed his thumb against her tight hole and waited. Sofia’s movements became stronger and more deliberate while he clasped the tiny bundle of electricity tighter. Her ass began to open for him and let him in. It disappeared a little at a time as his cock throbbed watching it swallow him. When it was all the way in, he placed the head of his shaft at the entrance of her pussy.

“Lorenzo…,” Sofia mewed as her walls closed around his thumb and grabbed for his cock.

Lorenzo gripped Sofia’s hip with his free hand. She pushed slowly back on him, relishing the feel of his cock as it slid in. His fingers dug into her flesh with the one hand at her hip as the other stayed still, his thumb buried in her ass.

They started to move slowly, slipping apart and coming back together, each thrust carrying them further and further into erotic oblivion. The feeling of complete fullness made heady sparks explode magnificently inside her. Their movements came stronger and faster, harder and deeper, the sounds of their flesh smacking and deep moans coming louder. Lorenzo could feel Sofia’s walls tightening around him as his dick began to twitch, they were both almost ready to blow. He began to make little circles inside her with his thumb as he thrust.

“Oh God, please,” Sofia pleaded loudly.

Lorenzo’s jaw clenched as he held off his orgasm. She was going to come first.  He reached around to her front and slid his hand down her abdomen to clasp her clit between his fingers and rubbed it between them.

Sofia’s scream of pleasure pierced the night air. The pulsing inside her gripping onto Lorenzo’s cock ripped his orgasm from him. He growled deeply as he slammed into her spasming pussy. He thrust once, twice, three times, with each explosion bursting from him. He threw his head back with his back arched, pulling Sofia tightly to him.

“Mia amore,” he murmured deeply as he lowered them both to the bed and hugged her to him tightly. Their breathing was labored as they lay spent tangled together. “Merry Christmas my sweet Sofia,” he whispered in her ear.

A warm, contented smile lifted the corners of her lips. She replied quietly, “Merry Christmas Lorenzo.”

They drifted off to sleep wrapped up together, neither one moving or letting go.

The next morning when Sofia awoke, she was tucked beneath the warm blankets. But she was alone. Her hand reached out to feel the place where Lorenzo had laid wanting to imagine him there. Her hand landed on a piece of paper, crinkling beneath her grasp.

“My Darling Sofia,” it began. “I have to catch a flight for London today to be back for work, sadly it is Christmas. It was horrible having to leave you this morning, you looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping next to me, I didn’t want to wake you.

I will back New Years Eve and will be ringing your doorbell at 9 p.m. for you. Know that you are filling every single one of my thoughts and I’ll be counting the minutes until I’m with you again.

I don’t know what I did to get lucky enough to meet you. I’ll leave it to the magic of Christmas. If you’d like to call me late tonight, it doesn’t matter what time, I left you my number.

Until later then, mia poca bambola,

Yours, Lorenzo xoxoxoxo”

Sofia’s heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be…, she thought breathlessly. That was the nickname her mother used to call her, her little doll. She said she used to play with her when she was a baby like she was her own cherished doll, sent to her by God. Sofia hugged the letter to her, giddy with joy, and read it again and again.

Whatever it was, the magic of Christmas, fate, the universe intervening, it didn’t matter. He had come into her life, whether it be for a few stolen nights or more, she had been brought back to the world of the living, and life was beautiful.







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