Ok, Let’s Talk About…Anal

Anal is such a taboo area, literally and  figuratively.  But let’s talk about it, shall we?

First, let me preface this by saying, I believe that one doesn’t really come to understanding one’s self until one is mature enough to truly be at peace and comfortable in one’s own skin.  This, therefore, allows one to completely appreciate another, and their wants, needs, and desires.  With that being said,  I’m not saying to go out, get on your hands and knees, stick your ass in the air, and say, “Ok, baby, let’s try it,” lol.  What I am saying is, if you have never had, and if you have never considered receiving/giving, this area is a highly sensitive area of your body.

One doesn’t begin by just diving right in full speed ahead, but like everything else, you begin slowly.  One cannot learn to run until you crawl, or maybe scooting along and pulling yourself.

Now, let’s move to the perspective of someone who has been introduced to this with a previous partner.  Now you’re with somebody else.  Everything is great but…..there have been no moves towards this area.  What do you do?  I suppose you can do one, or more, of several things:

  •  you can stimulate your partner there and see how they react. You know, “Do unto others,” and all. 😉 This, I think, will show them you are open to the idea.
  • Our books are filled with scenes involving anal play, at least mine are.  Read the passage to your lover, gauge their reaction, ask what they think about it.
  • Tell them what to do.  Fuck it, you want it, ask for it.  You’ll know if you have that kind of relationship.

Now, what if we have partner who wants it but we’ve always been turned off by  the idea of it?  Again, there are steps, you don’t have to go full anal intercourse.  If you are the type who wants to please your partner, but never mistake wanting to please with sacrificing your needs, ask them to introduce you to that play slowly.  Again, I’m sure you can get ideas from the books.  If you don’t like it, say so, if they truly respect you they will understand.

Intimacy is an erotic dance that will only be completely fulfilling for both partners with respect, communication (body and verbally), appreciation, and adoration.

xoxox ❤

~ N.M.


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