KINK “Chained”

“Come, angel, it’s time to really play now,” he says huskily.

It’s time to see if you’re as ready for this as I think you are, he thinks.

Elsie lifts her still tied hands to take John’s fingers in hers and lifts herself to a standing position.

He leads her to stand below the chain. Lifting her hands he feeds a loop of the silk tie binding her wrists on to the S hook. There is enough slack so that Elsie can hold on to the chain if she wanted to, enough that it won’t stop the circulation to her hands.

John steps back and takes in the beautiful vision of Elsie hanging tied and naked before him. His cock is now fully erect again, the sight of her bound and waiting for her pleasure makes him ache.

“I’m going to ask you some questions, angel, and we need you to be perfectly honest with us, understand?” John says firmly.

There is a more demanding tone to his voice, it’s commanding, and sexy as hell.

“Yes,” she creeks out.

She can feel her loins pulsing and throbbing inside of her. Her nipples are hard and her breathing is coming harder. The heat inside of her is making her palms sweat. She’s so turned on right now, it almost surprises her.

Both men’s gaze roam over her naked body. Elsie doesn’t think about her scars anymore. John and Brian have made love to every part of her body, even those.

John’s eyes meet Elsie’s again. The look in his is intense and steely. This is a different man right now. This is a man in complete control who will take nothing but it everything.

Elsie’s eyes move to Brian’s. The look in his is glazed heat.

Elsie can feel her wetness oozing from her as she clenches her thighs. The heat pouring off of these men burn her in the most delicious ways. They are equally powerful, equally dominant, equally a pillar of male perfection but in very different, very intoxicating ways. One alone is intense, both of them together promises to be explosive. Elsie watches them from hooded eyes, drunk with desire, burning with need and hunger.

“Are you excited right now, Elsie, do you like being bound like that?” John asks her huskily.

“Yes,” the answer comes quickly but quietly.

“If we touch your pussy right now we’ll find it soaking wet, won’t we angel?” he says moving now, beginning to circle her.

“Yes,” she says tightly.

“Have you ever been spanked, Elsie?”

“No,” she squeaks out.

The thought of it made her heart jump.

“Have you ever been whipped, or caned, or flogged,” comes the question from very close behind her. His face is so close to her ear that his warm breath licks her skin so softly and seductively it makes her lids dip with desire.

“No,” she whispers.

“You want us to, don’t you angel?” John whispers deeply. His lips are a breath away from her shoulder, she can almost feel them gliding across her hot flesh.

Elsie swallows hard trying to hold back the moan creeping up her throat. Her head rolls to the side silently asking him to touch her with his mouth, to please do something. The need inside of her is becoming stronger.

“Yes,” she finally says very quietly.

If John hadn’t been so intimately close to her he wouldn’t have heard it.

“Tell me, angel,” he whispers with his lips butterflying on the thin skin of her ear with his words, “does the thought of the kissing sting of the crop on this beautiful body of yours make your pussy clench with need?”

“Yes,” she says more firmly as her eyes close and her head dips back.

Brian is at Elsie’ feet separating them and attaching something to her ankles. Her eyes open and she looks down. It’s a bar that’s holding her legs spread open. The cool air on her hot wet sex sends a thrill through her. The intoxication that’s coming over her is hot and thick and is seeping through her veins like the sweetest, most delicious drug.

John comes to stand in front of her now. With a riding crop in his hand.

Elsie’s mouth goes dry and she lets out a little gasp.

“Feel the leather, angel,” John says as he glides the cool tip over the front of her body.

He starts at her neck making her dip her head back and glides it down her chest, around her nipples, over her stomach, down one leg and up the inside of the other and finally over her sex.

Another is caressing the skin on the back of her body and a visible chill moves through her.

“I’m going to blindfold you, Elsie. We want you to get lost in the sensations, put you in a world where nothing exists except feeling,” John tells her, his voice low and deep and his eyes searing into her.

John moves to stand behind Elsie, so close they’re almost touching. Their body heat is embracing each other. He snakes a big hand around Elsie’s neck and captures her chin. Pulling her to him slowly her head dips back and leans against his naked chest. John turns her face to look up at him as his mouth takes her. He needs to taste her, savor her, and make her moan. Nibbling along her cheek, he moves down to enjoy the perfect line of her jaw. His mouth comes to kiss her swollen lips and he sucks and bites them. A soft moan passes her lips and John swallows it as if it were the elixir of life. Tasting her lips, feeling the softness of her tongue, he sends her into a world of erotic darkness.

Elsie is bathed in darkness and feeling and sensations. Her skin is already singing from the anticipation of the first stinging kiss that is coming soon.

“I think this is the hottest book I’ve read in ages. If you’re looking for a book to get your pulse racing and imagination running wild this is it!!”

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Once you enter, there’s no turning back. You will be captivated. Prepare yourself, this is a passionate, breathtaking experience that will stay with you for a very long time…


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