KINK “The Door”

He walked her up to her apartment and now they’re standing in the dark kitchen, his body filling the space and making her quiver inside.

“I’m going to finish what we started the night I brought you home Elsie,” his voice is low and thick and so sexy it makes her flush with heat.

“Ok,” she says her voice so high it almost comes out like a squeak. She clears her throat embarrassed by the way she sounded.

“Don’t be nervous, angel,” he says as he trails a finger across each breast, down her abdomen and making her breath hitch, then further down between her legs. He lowers his mouth and kisses her roughly. Elsie gasps into John’s mouth at the intensity of his touch. He takes both of her hands in his big one and lifts them over her head. He presses her against the door and yanks her shirt and her bra up exposing her aching breasts to him.

“Your tits are so beautiful, angel, I can hear them calling me to take them in my mouth,” he whispers roughly as he grazes his lips across the hardened pink points.

Elsie’s head falls back against the door as she gasps, silently begging for him to suck them, bite them, pinch them, anything just do something.

“I know you want me to, angel,” he says smiling with his lips hovering above the tip. His tongue flicks out and brushes against them, teasing and taunting them with the pleasure he can give them.

“Oh, God,” Elsie moans as she thrusts her chest out trying to get some satisfaction.

John’s hand presses her back against the door.

“Stay still, angel, don’t move, or I won’t make you cum,” he says quietly. His warm breath is licking Elsie’s skin and the fingers splayed across her stomach slide into her pants making her loins clench in needy anticipation.

Oh, yes, please, fuck me now, right here, Elsie’s mind screams. Her body is stiff, every nerve ending is alive and waiting for John’s touch.

John’s hand slides down Elsie’s taut stomach and opens her pants.

“I’m going to let your hands loose, don’t move them,” he tells her.

“Ok,” she whispers.

He loosens his grip and lowers that hand. He takes a handful of her shirt and bra and pulls it over her head and throws it to the floor behind him. Elsie’s breathing has become heavy and erratic. He lowers himself in front of her pulling her pants down as he goes. He’s holding the bunched up pants gathered around her ankles as he presses his face into the bald V at the apex of her thighs.

“Mmmmm, you smell so fucking good, like you want to get fucked, angel, it makes me crazy,” he growls into her sex. He juts his tongue quickly across her wet folds flicking her and making her jump. “You, angel, are my kryptonite,” he says giving her a heavy sucking kiss on her V.

Elsie drops her head back breathing in deeply and bangs her head on the door.

John pulls one leg free from her pants and sneaker then the other and throws them behind him to go with the other clothes. He slowly stands sliding his hands up her thighs, one stopping on her stomach with his fingers pointing down while the other continues up the curves of her body to take her hands again.

“I’m going to play with you now, angel,” he tells her huskily with his face pressed against the curve of her neck. His teeth are nibbling a line across her shoulder.

Elsie feels so deliciously exposed, spread wide open and bare with her back pressed against the door. She can feel how wet she’s gotten in the short time John’s held her like this. She’s torn between wanting him to fuck her hard and fast, she’s that close to cumming, and wanting him to torture her by teasing her and making her wait.

John’s hands move slowly down to cup Elsie’s sex with his fingers dancing through her folds and in her hole. They begin to slide back and forth finally coming to clasp her clit and plucking it. His mouth consumers hers, plunging his tongue in, stroking her mouth, her lips, her teeth. He sucks her lips as he pulls on her clit, the sensations sends shock waves through her.   His mouth makes a fiery trail down to her breast and his lips mimic the movement of his fingers on her clit to her nipple. His lips grab and pluck her pebbled points, moving back and forth from one to the other. He grabs a mouth full of her breast as his hand shifts to push one finger in her sheath as another presses against her back hole.



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