KINK “The Tub”

“The Tub”

Elsie meets their eyes and their looks tell her, ‘We’re coming and you’d better be ready.’ It sears into her and makes her p**** throb and clench and she can feel her juices being squeezed out of her.

Brian steps into the tub and sits in front of John and Elsie and moves in close. John’s hands are sliding up Elsie’s arms as she leans into him. She’s looking at Brian wide eyed and they can tell she’s tense. Brian gently places his hands on her legs and begins to massage them beginning at her calves. They know she’s nervous so they’re going slow but they don’t want to go too slowly. The deep rubbing along her muscles and the hot water lapping at her skin begins to melt her into an intoxicated bundle of arousal. She feels drunk on the pleasures of their touch and she begins to let her desire take over. Brian lifts her legs over John’s knees opening her up to him. Her head dips back onto John’s shoulder as her need skyrockets. She needs them to touch her, enter her, fill her and quench this hunger raging inside of her.

Oh God, she moans.

“Yes, angel, we know,” John’s voice purrs next to her ear. His mouth begins a wonderfully torturous assault on her neck and shoulder, biting her lightly, his tongue stroking from her shoulder up her neck. His arms circle her pinning her arms down at her sides as he takes her breasts in each hand. His fingers swirl around each nipple making them scream for him to touch them. John has her legs pressed against the sides of the tub leaving her waiting for Brian to answer the call of her throbbing pussy.

Brian slides his hands under the globes of Elsie’s cheeks and pulls her down John’s chest so that her ass is exposed to him as well. Both of her holes are waiting to be teased, fondled and played with. He needs her ass open to prepare her to take him there, because she will and she’ll want him to by the time he gets her ready. He moves his hands up the creases of her thighs where they meet her legs and he can feel her fighting the desire to writhe under both his and John’s hands. He knows she’s not going to be able to fight it much longer. Brian’s fingers begin the delectable exploration of her wet folds and throbbing clit. He places one hand on her mound and spreads her lips open. The other hand is busy tracing circles around her clit with a finger then he glides it in and out of her oozing p****. He slides his thumb into her and rubs her inner walls while he begins to tantalize the entrance of her ass.

“Taste her Brian, she’s fucking delicious,” John whispers roughly.

Brian’s grin spreads across his devilish boyish good looks.

“I think I will, John.”

Brian lifts his hand from the water and sucks a finger into his mouth.


12 thoughts on “KINK “The Tub”

  1. OMG!!!!OMG!!!!OMG!!!!This novel is going to kill me….anticipating this more than the other two!!!!Too damn HAWT!!!!****fanning myself****


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