21st Century Sexual Revolution

Welcome to the 21st Century Sexual Revolution!

We may not realize it but women, (and men maybe unknowingly), are smack dab in the middle of it.  We opened that closet door of a hint at more and we threw it wide open and are pulling everything out, no holding back.

For so long so many women have resolved themselves the fact that they were non-orgasmic during intercourse.  But what many have come to find out is the answer to that so-called problem is really quite simple; they just need a little more.  For the men to maybe understand it a little better, I’ll give them this example:

-some women are a manual transmission

-others are an automatic

Some women can get to the final destination with just putting it in drive and putting the pedal to the metal while others need more manipulation.  And from what I hear, men prefer the driving experience of a ‘stick shift’.

Women all over the world were caught up in sexual whirlwind after reading 50 Shades of Grey.  Many joined BDSM groups thinking they wanted to get into a Dominant/Submissive relationship. So much so that the long timers in these groups complained that the novices didn’t know the first thing about the lifestyle, especially the over night Doms.  The fervor has evened out although you still see ads on Craigslist of Doms looking for subs.  And I’m sure they get quite a few replies.

In my opinion I think that women all over did a collective “Yes!!!  Finally, a man who takes control who brings me to my heady boil!”  I think that most women aren’t into the desire for pain that would be found in many BDSM relationships but really in need of more, of diversity, really of some kink.  And they want a man who understands  that.

I tell my readers to read their books to their significant others because maybe, just maybe, they don’t know their partner needs more.  Because fellas, we want you to want to give it to us.

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